Russell Wilson, to start for the Seattle Seahawks, but should he get the job?

Russell Wilson, to start for the Seattle Seahawks, but should he get the job?

Russell Wilson will start at quarterback, in the Seattle Seahawks’ 3rd preseason game. Because the 3rd preseason game is widely accepted as the “dress rehersal” for the regular season, it’s now obvious that there is a quarterback competition in Seattle. But should there be?

Many people are coming out in support of Matt Flynn. “How could you bench Matt Flynn? I mean, you brought this guy in and paid him money. You have to let him start.” “Really?” I didn’t hear and uproar for Matt Hasselbeck, when the Seahawks told him to kick rocks for – Charlie Whitehurst/ Tarvaris Jackson – some other scrub they thought was better than him. The truth is Matt Flynn or any player for that matter anything. As far as I know his bonus check cleared, so the Seahawks have done right by him. Just because he paid this offseason doesn’t mean he should start. There have been a lot of quarterbacks that were expected to play based on financial investment, and eventually been benched: Donovan McNabb, Kevin Kolb, Rob Johnson. Now I will grant you that those respectively players did get the initial opportunity to fail. While in this scenario it looks like it could be taken from Flynn without a game being played. However if the Seahawks think Wilson is better, shouldn’t they just play him?

This league is still about playing the players that give you the best opportunity to win. I know Tim Tebow dopes would have you believe it has something to do character or some mythical clutch quality, but it doesn’t. “Can you play?” That’s all I want to know. I’ve seen both Russell Wilson and Matt Flynn play college football in the Big Ten and SEC respectively. And even though Flynn won a National Championship at LSU, Wilson was a better college quarterback. Now that doesn’t mean Russell will be better in the NFL. As a matter of fact you can say Flynn not only proved himself in college, but he also proved he could play in the NFL last year. So, I will concede that Matt Flynn is probably the best choice to lead the Seattle Seahawks. Maybe Pete Carroll is a college coach that is trying to outthink the room, and eventually will seal his fate in Seattle if he goes with Russell Wilson. However Carroll reserves the right to make the decision he feels is best, and if that means Russell wins the job. Than this could be an exciting season.

May the best man win!

Kortney Shane Williams

Editor-in-Chief of Comedic Prose

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