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Kortney’s Last Show, EP 85: Seattle Comedy Competition & Dabbing is Dead

On this podcast I talk everything that was the Seattle Comedy Competition. Originally I only wanted to do 10 minutes on the Competition, but it got out of control. I also talked about the death of the dabbing dance and the Nae Nae. Enjoy the podcast please share and Subscribe on iTunes. Kortney Shane Williams…
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Kortney’s Last Show, EP 80: Drake’s Hotline Bling Video, Pandora is Dead, and I’m Headlining in Seattle

On this this episode of the Last Show Podcast I talk about the new Drake Hotline Bling video. For all you trying to figure out what’s going on. Drake is out here winning. He can’t hear you make fun of his dancing, because he’s winning. I also talk about how excited I am to headline…
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Kortney’s Last Show, EP: 79 Michigan’s Football Season Crushed & My Seattle Comedy Comp. Playlist

On this episode of the Last Show I talk about getting into the Seattle International Comedy Competition. I celebrate by releasing an exclusive Competition Playlist that you can get on Spotify here: Competition Set List, “The Only One You Need” I also talk about Michigan losing and why I mad Ohio State didn’t get the…
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Cavaliers are legit with Andrew Bynum

y The Cleveland Cavaliers have agreed to a 2 year contract with Andrew Bynum worth up to $24 million (The words “up to” are very important in this scenario. Because the second year is a team option, only $6 million of the first year is guaranteed, and the rest is incentive-laden). When I first heard…
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“You don’t want Dwight Howard…really?”

Man, the propaganda machine against Dwight Howard is in full effect! The sports media would have you believe that he’s a cancer, and whichever team he goes to won’t succeed. The crazy thing is, basketball fans are starting to believe and endorse those sentiments. If you’re one of the people that subscribes to this thinking, I…
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Lebron “King Houdini” James has made an appearance in the NBA Finals

“It’s been 2 years. At times I thought you were gone. Then I look up and there you were, King Houdini, leader of the Miami Heat, playing hot potato on the biggest stage.” During game 3 of the NBA Finals, we were all witnesses again to LeBron’s disappearing act. While Heat fans are trying to…
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A small delay in the Miami Heat Hater Celebration

So the Miami Heat are going back to the NBA Finals, after fighting off the Indiana Pacers in game 7. Unfortunately that means the Heat Hater celebration party will have wait for a couple weeks. And man, was a ready for a celebration last night. I had it all set up on my apartment balcony (I am…
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Cleveland Cavaliers, to trade or not to trade the #1 Pick

When the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA lottery, the first thing that came to my mind was, “Oh my gosh! Now they have to draft Nerlens Noel.” Going into this off season the Cavaliers were in a position to round out their roster, and make the playoffs. However now that they have won the lottery,…
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See how Miguel went WFF at the Billboard Awards

By now you should have seen my boy Miguel, and how he went Summer Slam on the entire front row at the Billboard Awards. Personally I blame the entire thing on Chris Brown. But there’s no need for me to continue my diatribe.  Watch the video below.     Kortney Shane Williams Editor-in-Chief of Comedic…
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Time to question Derrick Rose’s mental toughness


At the risk of being struck down I’m going to question the mental toughness of Chicago Bulls’ star Derrick Rose.
There are unwritten rules in sports: You don’t talk about a perfect while one is being pitched, you don’t hit a man below the belt without apologizing vehemently, never bet on a team from the Northwest in a big game, and don’t question a player that says they are injured. The last rule has been the crutch Derrick Rose has leaned on throughout this season. However when he was cleared to return to action that crutch was removed. So it’s only right that we question why the hell he’s not playing.
Since Derrick Rose has been cleared to play, many people have been making excuses for why he hasn’t returned to game action. The main excuse is that mentaly he’s not ready. Which is a valid excuse, especially when you consider Rose’s game.… Read More