Kortney’s Last Show, EP 240: The Morality of Ohio State and College Sports, Madonna, Aretha Franklin’s Passing, and Baker Mayfield

KLS EP 240: 8.26.18 Where is the morality in college sports, Ohio State, Zach Smith all creepy, Madonna does a tribute to herself, and Baker Mayfield is the goods. Aretha Franklin’s passing   Enjoy the Podcast, Please Share, and Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and Tune in Radio. You can add/subscribe to the feed […]

Kortney’s Last Show, EP 239: Stolen Seattle Airplane, Aretha Franklin, Celebrating the Broken Black Guy, Baker Mayfield, and Football

KLS EP 239: 8.13.18 Kortney talks about the stolen airplane in Seattle. He wonders whose getting fired and who’s paying for the airplane. He also talks about the effects of Tiger Woods almost winning, Kanye West on Jimmy Kimmel, Baker Mayfield and Maryland football. Record of the Week: Aretha Franklin – A Change Gone Come […]

Kortney’s Last Show, EP 238: Long Live the Sucka Punch, Disrespecting Canada, Kap’s Legend Grows, and Urban Meyer

KLS EP 238: 8.5:18 Kortney talks about Tristian Thompson getting physical will Draymond Green, and why he hopes Tristian used an open hand slap. He also talks about Madden editing out Kaepernick’s name, wonders what Trump is doing, and talks about the situation surrounding Urban Meyer.     Enjoy the Podcast, Please Share, and Subscribe […]