What the heck are the Memphis Grizzles doing, trading Rudy Gay?


Perhaps I’m overreacting to the Memphis Grizzles trading Rudy Gay for Ed Davis and a bag of balls. I will admit that I’m a huge fan of Gay, and his skill set. So allow me to take off my Rudy Gay Heeman underwear and address this issue.

I was under the impression that Rudy Gay was an all-star small forward, and a player that you would want to build your team around. Not someone that you would trade for two below average NBA players. One of which (Jose Calderon) they don’t even want, and will probably dump in a couple games. I understand that the Grizzles are trading away salary to avoid the luxury tax. However after they traded Marreese Speights and Wayne Ellington to the Cleveland Cavaliers, they were under the salary cap for 2013. They could have held steady for the rest of the season, and traded Gay in the offseason. Instead they lampooned a potential Championship contender.… Read More

Cleveland Golf, staying on top of technology


When it comes to golf equipment, Cleveland Golf is the leader. They can supply you with all you golf needs; from bags and hats to towels and equipment for juniors. They also have an assortment of golf clubs, so you’re sure find something no matter your handicap.

Cleveland Golf has prided itself on being one step ahead of the competition, and they have continued that tradition with their new line of wedges and drivers.

The new 588 RTX wedges series is highlighted has larger grooves and advanced spin technology. So no matter if you’re hitting out of the sand, or going for the green. You can rest assure that you have the best club for the job. They have also improved their line of driver with the Classic XL series, which is the next evolution in golf equipment. Both the 588 RTX wedges and Classic XL will be on the market February 15th.… Read More

Don’t You Dare Criticize Lincoln (The Movie)


*****Spoiler Alert…I Think?!!*****


Lincoln is nominated for one hundred forty seven Academy Awards, and somehow it will manage to win one hundred and fifty. So I guess we’re all supposed to be enthralled with this movie; A movie which we all knew the plot, setting, and ending, as soon as we knew the title.

But allow me to point out some criticisms at the risk of being struck down.



Thaddeus Stevens (Tommy Lee Jones) had a black wife and no one carried

There are a lot of things that you could keep secret back in the 1800s, but having a black wife isn’t one of them. Despite the fact of there being no internet or Polaroid technology, I think someone would have found out. Especially since black people were slaves.

All you have to do is what for the black woman that gets new dresses and never leaves the house.… Read More

The True Top 50 Hip-Hop Songs of All Time


Recently Rolling Stone magazine out together a panel of 100 industry executives and came out with their list of the top 50 hip hop songs of all time. Now I read this list, absorbed this list, and disagreed with this list. So rather than being pissed off and trying to strike up a, “Hey what do you think about that questionable top 50 hip hop list Rolling Stone pot together” with unsuspecting strangers at the bar (That can be risky especially at the bars I go to). I said, “What the hell?” I will put together my own list. I have a blog that 1000 people a week read (That’s right I’m bragging). I should put out a list that all 1000 of those people will hate”. Thus it was born.

Now this is not a list meant to be a memorial for the golden age of hip-hop. That means that Slick Rick won’t have 10 songs in the top 10.… Read More

The True Top 50 Hip-Hop Songs of All Time: 30 – 11

If you didn’t already make sure you check the list of 50 – 31, and listen to the songs if you don’t know them (Click on the song title to listen). There’s no shame in not being up on your hip-hop game. That’s what I’m here for.


I haven’t gotten much push back from the 50 – 31 selections. The only pick that has come under some scrutiny is Up Jumps da Boogie at 50. To that I say a few things.

1. It’s the 50th pick, are we really going to argue about that. That’s like arguing over who the Miami Heat decide to send to the D-League

2. Lyrically, Up Jumps the Boogie is sound, and when you combine that with the beat it makes for a sick song.

3. If the 50th pick is the only objection I have on this list of the top 50 songs, then I did a good job


Time for 30 – 11


30.… Read More