Cleveland Golf, staying on top of technology

Cleveland Golf, staying on top of technology


When it comes to golf equipment, Cleveland Golf is the leader. They can supply you with all you golf needs; from bags and hats to towels and equipment for juniors. They also have an assortment of golf clubs, so you’re sure find something no matter your handicap.

Cleveland Golf has prided itself on being one step ahead of the competition, and they have continued that tradition with their new line of wedges and drivers.

The new 588 RTX wedges series is highlighted has larger grooves and advanced spin technology. So no matter if you’re hitting out of the sand, or going for the green. You can rest assure that you have the best club for the job. They have also improved their line of driver with the Classic XL series, which is the next evolution in golf equipment. Both the 588 RTX wedges and Classic XL will be on the market February 15th. However, you don’t have to wait for this product to be released to get the details. Head over to, to get all the latest news on these clubs, and there other products.
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