Don’t You Dare Criticize Lincoln (The Movie)

Don’t You Dare Criticize Lincoln (The Movie)


*****Spoiler Alert…I Think?!!*****


Lincoln is nominated for one hundred forty seven Academy Awards, and somehow it will manage to win one hundred and fifty. So I guess we’re all supposed to be enthralled with this movie; A movie which we all knew the plot, setting, and ending, as soon as we knew the title.

But allow me to point out some criticisms at the risk of being struck down.



Thaddeus Stevens (Tommy Lee Jones) had a black wife and no one carried

There are a lot of things that you could keep secret back in the 1800s, but having a black wife isn’t one of them. Despite the fact of there being no internet or Polaroid technology, I think someone would have found out. Especially since black people were slaves.

All you have to do is what for the black woman that gets new dresses and never leaves the house. That should raise some red flags. And if red flags are raised…put it in your historical one hundred forty seven time nominated Lincoln movie


75 black people got to watch as The House of Representatives voted on the 13th Amendment

I must have missed the day in history class when the teacher talked about how black people were allowed to sit in, while the House voted on whether they were human beings. I wish hadn’t missed that day. Because then the climax in Lincoln would have made sense.

It’s impossible to believe that power full white men in the 1800s, let black people watch them make decisions. However this movie would have you believe that they walked black people in, guided them to their balcony seats, and let them watch as people voted them back into slavery.


Perhaps it all went down this way, but I don’t think so


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