Comedian #BARS

Kortney’s Last Show Podcast

EP 291: My Week Full Of Apologies and Goodell’s Finger In The WindKortney talks about being constantly apologized to by white, wanting them to send him money instead, the NFL players forcing Roger Goodell to make a statement, and Richard Pryor’s Bicentennial Nigger.

EP 290: Seattle, I’m Proud Of You and I Want TeargasKortney talks about the levels to the on going protest in Seattle, Drew Brees’ comments, the right side of history, and why he wants tear gas.

EP 289: Jordan’s Last Dance Okey Doke, Karens Going To Jail, and It’s All Martha’s Fault, & Normalized MurderKortney talks about how he was challenged to think differently and wonder if we have been desensitized to black people being murdered. He also addresses why he hasn’t done a podcast for a month.

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Up Coming Shows

Winner’s Circle, Lakeland FL

November 1st, 8pm

The Red Grill Bistro, Jacksonville FL

December 20th, 9pm

Ocean 5, Gig Harbor WA

January 9th, 8pm

Laughs Comedy Club, Seattle WA

January 10th-11th 8pm & 10pm

Clearwater Casino, Suquamish WA

January 14th 8pm

Cocoa Beach Club, Cocoa Beach FL

May 21st-23rd 8pm


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