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Kortney Shane Williams has opened for Hannibal Buress, David Alan Grier, Dave Chappelle. He’s been featured at the Boston Comedy Festival, Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, Bumbershoot Arts festival and has appeared on Laughs TV on Fox, The 206 on NBC.
His lastest latest comedy album, 
To Whom It Doesn’t Concern and weekly podcast are availble on all steaming platforms. And his latest comedy special Unsubstantiated is available on the Dry Bar Comedy Network.

Kortney’s Last Show Podcast

EP 299: A Thursday Show, Celebration of Cancel Culture, Pandemic Effects, and Passing of Tyler Craig Kortney has no show, but he still does a show. He talks about getting back on stage for the first time in 4 months, coming to grips with the pandemic, and Tyler Craig passing.

EP 298: 95 Days Till Election, Megan Thee Stallion Shooting Not Funny? Lack of COVID Respect In Sports Kortney opens the show on a TAG Heuer rant and a little advice on buying a $7000 watch. He also talks about the Megan Thee Stallion shooting, how shootings can be funny, and COVID’s effect on sports.

EP 297: Congratulations Seattle Kraken, Retail Workers Packing Heat, Snoop Dogg VERSUS DMX Kortney advises retail workers to not enforce any mask policy gaining a whole new appreciation for Snoop Dogg’s catalogue, and why no one can step to Jay-Z in a VERUS.

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Up Coming Shows

Winner’s Circle, Lakeland FL

November 1st, 8pm

The Red Grill Bistro, Jacksonville FL

December 20th, 9pm

Ocean 5, Gig Harbor WA

January 9th, 8pm

Laughs Comedy Club, Seattle WA

January 10th-11th 8pm & 10pm

Clearwater Casino, Suquamish WA

January 14th 8pm

Cocoa Beach Club, Cocoa Beach FL

May 21st-23rd 8pm


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