Kortney’s Last Show, EP 118: UFC Sells for $4 Billion & Dwyane Wade to Chicago

On this episode of The Last Show Podcast, I am joined again by my brother.

We go all around sports world. We talk about the UFC selling for $4 Billion dollars, Jon … Read the Rest

Kortney’s Last Show, EP 107: Gas Mask Bong & Seattle May Day

On this episode of Kortney’s Last Show Podcast, I talk about May Day in Seattle (If you haven’t already, or even if you have. Look up at that picture again). Seattle had a … Read the Rest

The Fantastic New Pringles Tortillas Nacho Chips

Pringles I don't work for Pringles, but after this endorsement I should. As a matter of fact after this endorsement I should own a piece of Pringles. Maybe they could sponsor the website or the podcast. Hell, maybe they can sponsor both. "Hit me up Pringles!" Here it is: Pringles came out with these new tortillas nacho flavored potato chips, and… Read the Rest

Brazilian Meat Feast (All You Can Eat style)

se7en I've heard mystical stories of Brazilian restaurants that would feed you an unlimited amount of meat. All you had to do is pay a flat rate, and they would bring you meat by the wheel barrow. I remember when my brother told me a story of such a place. He said they brought him meat until he ripped a hole… Read the Rest

Snooki’s pregnant?!@#% Hopefully this is the End of the Jersey Shore

This season of the Jersey Shore sucks (whew now that I got that out of my system)!

I told myself that I was done with the Jersey Shore after this season. I kept that proclamation to myself. However the latex gods that be, must have been of the same opinion. The gods of latex have powers far greater than mine. … Read the Rest

Paula Abdul Gets the X Factor, Hopefully She Starts Robbing Drug Dealers

When I found out that Paula Abdul got fired from some show called The X Factor I was almost brought to tears. I was stunned. It completely caught me off guard. Really? Paula got fired, straight up? What happened? Was she smoking crack again (I don’t know if she smoked crack the first time but it’s funny and I have … Read the Rest

Elisabetta Canalis Goes From George Clooney to Jackass…”WTF?”

Women have a vice that is mind boggling. I’ve seen most of the women I’m associated with in life take part in this particular vice at least once, and it is quite simply one of the strangest things I’ve ever witnessed. When a woman dates an amazing man and it doesn’t work out she will then go to the bottom … Read the Rest

Welcome To Comedic Prose

I don’t know if you’re here by mistake, or if you actually plan your day around this post. Hopefully you planned your day around the launch of this site. I enjoy the idea of some desperate guy setting pacing while he watches the clock on the microwave thinking, “I wonder what the first piece will be in The Purple Drank … Read the Rest