Welcome To Comedic Prose

Welcome To Comedic Prose

I don’t know if you’re here by mistake, or if you actually plan your day around this post. Hopefully you planned your day around the launch of this site. I enjoy the idea of some desperate guy setting pacing while he watches the clock on the microwave thinking, “I wonder what the first piece will be in The Purple Drank (we’ll get to the purple later). The bottom line is you made it, and you’re in a good spot.

The Comedic Prose is the newest and eventually the best destination for comedy online. The goal of this site is to bring comedy content in written form (hence the name comedic prose) that you can then share with you friends. Then they will share it with their friends. So this joint can eventually blow up like Amy Winehouse on a coke binge (too soon…didn’t think so).

We’re going to bring you content in several areas. However we will specialize in sports, vices, and things we can’t control (That’s one of the best sentences I’ve ever written, and it’s the ultimate deal closer). If you went out with a girl and she said she was into sports, vices, and things she can’t control. Tell me you wouldn’t ask her to help you rob a bank (Ride or Die Chick style)

You will always be able to find that content under the Sports Section (sports), The Purple Drank (the purple drank is the best title for something that makes you feel lazy and relaxed. “Oh vices”), and Critiquing Overhead (things we can’t control). In addition to these categories there will also be a rotation of pop-culture, Media reviews, and an occasional comedy review.

Please bear with us over the next few months. Things will be constantly changing as we get the opportunity to see what does and doesn’t work. If you have any suggestion please send them here: Contact Comedic Prose. The bottom line is we will be bringing it.


Kortney Shane Williams

Editor of Comedic Prose



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