Month: November 2020

Comedian #BARS

Kortney’s Last Show, EP 314: George Clooney Gifting $14 Million, Rudy Giuliani leaking hair dye, Nina Simone V. Lauryn Hill, and Cleveland Browns 7-3 #FlyEaglesFly

KLS EP 314: 11.23.20 Kortney talks about George Clooney giving $1 million to 14 of his friends, wonders if Clooney has too many friends, Kyle Rittenhouse being a waste of bail money, Lauryn Hill not maxing out, Rudy Giuliani being gross, Trump holding fundraisers, and the Cleveland Browns battling the Pittsburg Steelers for the division.…
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Kortney’s Last Show, EP 313: No Politics Just Comedy, Can Adult Books Bring Back Barnes and Noble, James Harden Trades, and Baker Mayfield

KLS EP 313: 11.17.20 Kortney talks about Donald Trump being a sore loser, Rudy Giuliani porn store press conference, ODB being banned in Austria and Germany, James Harden trades, and the Cleveland Browns need to pay Baker Mayfield market value. Enjoy the Podcast, Please Share, and Subscribe on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Stitcher, Google Play, and…
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Kortney’s Last Show, EP 312: Dave Chappelle Host SNL Comedy G.O.A.T., I Want Steve Kornacki In My Life Forever, OutKast #VERZUZ A Tribe Called Quest, and Joe Biden Pressure

KLS EP 312: 11.8.20 Kortney talks about the world celebrating Joe Biden being elected president, people openly taunting Donald Trump, and the immense pressure Joe Biden is under. Kortney believes Joe Biden is under more pressure than any president in his lifetime. He also talks about his newly found love, Steve Kornacki, OutKast and A…
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Kortney’s Last Show, EP 311: 2020 Election Show, Donald Trump Suing America, Stacey Abrams Deserves Credit, Miami Cuban Voters, and Sad Fox News

KLS EP 311: 11.6.20 So, it’s election week and Kortney talks all about it. Specifically, Donald Trump suing half of the states in America, Stacey Abrams paving the way for a democratic, Miami Cubans and what matters to them, and sad sad white men on Fox News. Enjoy the Podcast, Please Share, and Subscribe on…
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Kortney’s Last Show, EP 310: Brought To You By Voter Suppression…and #Florida, T.I. #VERZUZ Young Jeezy, and Mike Tyson Morality

KLS EP 310: 11.2.20 Kortney talks about the upcoming presidential election, and America hinging on Florida. He also shallow dives into democracy in America, voter suppression, and cancelling friendships over differing political views. Kortney talks about seeing Busta Rhymes live, why T.I. didn’t want to battle against him, Keith from The Vow getting locked up,…
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