Kortney’s Last Show, EP 262: Cardi B Going Bill Cosby, “I Almost Got Carjacked”, and Jussie Smollet

KLS EP 262: 3.30.19

Kortney talks about being afraid of getting robbed by a woman, almost getting carjacked, the end of the Big Baller Brand, and Wendy Williams melting down.

Enjoy the … Read the Rest

Kortney’s Last Show, EP 261: Robert Kraft Sex Tape and LeBron Blocked By Hezonja

KLS EP 261: 3.24.19

Kortney’s playing hurt. Sick as a dog, but still delivers. He talks about being scared of the Kraft sex tape, Charles Oakley, and killing someone over a video game.… Read the Rest

Kortney’s Last Show, EP 260: Odell Beckham To The @Browns, The LeBron James Weather System, and Aunt Becky “Please Raise Your Hand”

KLS EP 260: 3.13.19

Kortney talks about winning the Superbowl last night, Odell Beckham getting traded to the Cleveland Browns, the Los Angeles Lakers in full butt covering mode, Aunt Becky getting jammed … Read the Rest

Kortney’s Last Show, EP 259: The Pied Piper Back In Jail, Michael Jackson (Artist?), and Kanye’s Lifetime Deal

KLS EP 259: 3.7.19

Kortney talks about R. Kelly trying to get you to believe his lies, the idea of separating the art from the artist, Kanye Wests not being able to the … Read the Rest