“You don’t want Dwight Howard…really?”

“You don’t want Dwight Howard…really?”


Man, the propaganda machine against Dwight Howard is in full effect!

The sports media would have you believe that he’s a cancer, and whichever team he goes to won’t succeed. The crazy thing is, basketball fans are starting to believe and endorse those sentiments. If you’re one of the people that subscribes to this thinking, I hope your wearing rubber underpants, because I’m about to blow a hole through your tighty whiteys.


First off you have to separate Dwight Howard the basketball player, from Dwight Howard the person. I’m not interested in complementing or attacking someone personally that I don’t know.

As a basketball player, Dwight Howard is top 5 in the league. You can even argue (when healthy) that he is the second most important player behind LeBron James.

That may sound crazy, because of the year he just had. However let’s examine the totality of his career.

Dwight Howard

    7 time All-Star, 5 time All NBA first team, and 3 time Defensive Player of the Year. He has also led the league in blocks twice and rebounds 5 times. Furthermore, with a surgically repair back that he was rehabbing last year. He managed to average 17 points and 12 rebounds (he ranked first in rebounds).


A player that puts up, that kind of production should be coveted by every front office and fan base in the NBA.

Now I know you can point to his 2012 – 2013 season with the Lakers, and say his attitude was the reason the team failed. But I watched the Lakers last year, and I don’t remember his attitude ever being the reason the Lakers underachieved. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember his attitude firing Mike Brown, refusing to hire Phil Jackson, benching Pau Gasol, or tearing Kobe Bryant’s Achilles. If anything, Dwight Howard should be complemented for the way he played despite all the adversity.

It’s easy to throw stones at Howard, especially when you dissect the way the way you got to L.A. amongst all his uncertainty. However, this league is about talent, and the ability to win. Dwight has proved thus far in his career that he is of high quality in both of those categories. Every team wants this guy on their team, and every fan should want him as well. Unless…you’re one of those fans that let sports media dictate your thinking pattern. Then, I guess, you’re regulated to tanking and hoping you get the first pick in the draft. Unless…the first pick ends up not being a friend of the sports media…at that point I guess you become a cynic and start claiming the NBA is fixed. Just remember this “sports media” that you have allowed to formulate your opinion; is the same sports media that said, Michael Jordan would never win and LeBron James didn’t have the killer instinct.

Dwight Howard is a superstar in NBA. What way he goes from here is up to him, and rightfully so. He could stay in L.A., or go to what looks like greener pastures in Houston. “So what are you going to do Dwight? Are you going to take the red pill or the blue pill?”


Hating on Los Angeles Lakers’ Dwight Howard Will Stop


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