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Comedian #BARS

“You don’t want Dwight Howard…really?”

Man, the propaganda machine against Dwight Howard is in full effect! The sports media would have you believe that he’s a cancer, and whichever team he goes to won’t succeed. The crazy thing is, basketball fans are starting to believe and endorse those sentiments. If you’re one of the people that subscribes to this thinking, I…
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Hating on Los Angeles Lakers’ Dwight Howard Will Stop

It’s a match made in heaven that even eHarmony could have figured out. The Hollywood personality finally getting a taste of what Hollywood life is. Dwight Howard and Brooklyn never really seemed right. Now it’s time for the public to stop hating on Dwight Howard. I’m not telling them to stop hating. Rather, I’m saying…
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Stan Van Gundy should still be the man for the Orlando Magic

Coaches are expendable. Players are not. That’s the traditional wisdom. It’s hard to disagree with it. Someone try convincing the city of Cleveland that Mike Brown was worth more than LeBron James. Yeah, that would be impossible. However, it’s time to do away with traditional wisdom in Orlando. Sure, franchise players are incredibly hard to…
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Why haven’t the Orlando Magic fired Stan Van Gundy yet?

I thought Stan Van Gundy did everything he could to be fired by the Orlando Magic yesterday. So, imagine my surprise when I woke up today to find that he’s still employed. I thought there was no chance that he would still be employed. As a matter of fact I thought he would be fired…
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Dwight Howard’s indecision with the Orlando Magic does not compare to the decision

Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic is not LeBron James. Not even close. Has everyone already forgotten the magnitude of the decision? Dwight Howard’s cat and mouse game with the Orlando Magic has baffled us all but it doesn’t come close to reaching the 9.0 on the Richter scale that LeBron’s decision did. LeBron James shook…
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Is Dwight Howard really doing this to himself?

The Dwight Howard and Orlando Magic situation is getting out of control. By out of control I mean this situation is making my head hurt. I’m actually nauseous. I think I threw up in my mouth last night. I don’t understand what the Magic organization is trying to accomplish. I understand that they don’t want…
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