Why haven’t the Orlando Magic fired Stan Van Gundy yet?

Why haven’t the Orlando Magic fired Stan Van Gundy yet?

I thought Stan Van Gundy did everything he could to be fired by the Orlando Magic yesterday. So, imagine my surprise when I woke up today to find that he’s still employed. I thought there was no chance that he would still be employed. As a matter of fact I thought he would be fired by 12 am. I thought they would take him in the proverbial out back and take him out of his misery (Old Yeller style). I had money on the under, and I was expecting to collect like Denzel Washington in American Gangster.

I don’t necessarily think its Van Gundy’s fault for the situation, but he didn’t help himself with that press conference.


I think Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic share the blame in this whole controversy. However, Van Gundy exacerbated the situation, and now it time for him to go. This circus has to come to an end.
“So if you’re listening Orlando, it’s time. Knock on Stan’s office, and ask him to hang up the mock turtleneck.”
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