Is Dwight Howard really doing this to himself?

Is Dwight Howard really doing this to himself?

The Dwight Howard and Orlando Magic situation is getting out of control. By out of control I mean this situation is making my head hurt. I’m actually nauseous. I think I threw up in my mouth last night.

I don’t understand what the Magic organization is trying to accomplish. I understand that they don’t want to let Howard go because he’s a once in a ten-year talent. But he doesn’t want to play for you anymore. The longer this situation goes on the worse they look.

A report surfaced that Orlando would be willing to give Dwight the power to fire the coach and GM after the season. First of all every superstar in the NBA has this power. Second of all how does this get out? I’m starting to think the Orlando Magic are run by Martin Sheen’s character in The Departed. This could end up being worse than the breakup with Shaquille O’Neal.

While Dwight Howard has basically no culpability in this situation he has a lot to lose.

I didn’t think it was possible to handle a free agent situation worse than LeBron James, but Howard is fast approaching his territory. The only thing that makes him look better is that he hasn’t been publicly disgruntled and mailed the season in (Randy Moss Oakland style). However if this goes into the offseason he will be considered worse than LeBron James. LeBron set a president on how not to handle free agency. So for Dwight to manipulate the Magic organization behind the scene the way James did would be a horrible error in judgment. I don’t think Dwight Howard understands the magnitude of this situation.

If Howard doesn’t want the blood of the Orlando’s franchise on his hands he needs to publicly state that he will not resign with Orlando. Otherwise he will be crushed on a level that has never been seen.


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