Jeremy Lin and New York Knicks, “Is there any Linsanity left for that guy?”

Jeremy Lin and New York Knicks, “Is there any Linsanity left for that guy?”

Jeremy Lin and the New York Knicks seemed to have come back to earth. By back to earth I mean, the same selfish team they were before Jeremy Lin lit up New York City for a week. You can blame it Carmelo Anthony or the schedule, but it doesn’t change what they are.

With that being said, I’m not interested in talking about the Knicks. They never said they were great. Mike D’Antoni never called them a championship team. Jeremy Lin didn’t stand outside of the Garden with a sign that read, “Just called me Linsanity.” No! The tough talkers were all those New York fans that poke their chest out anytime they get a whiff of something resembling hope. Now I’m talking about all New York fans. I’m not talking about Spike Lee, the kids in the 300 level, or those die hard guys that work nine to five. I’m talking about those knuckle dragging Neanderthals that get drunk on lite beer while they curse around kids at Applebee’s. I’m talking about the people that take pride in New York not because they grew up there. But because they think it makes them better than fans everywhere else. Those are the people are that wait in the weeds for something like Jeremy Lin to show up. So, they puff out their chest, and start counting off championships like LeBron James at a pep rally (“Cue the music boys ‘Bum Bum Bum Bum not 1, not 2, not 3′”). Those are the douche bags I want to talk to for the two paragraphs.

“Hey! You with your hat on backwards wearing a Jets jersey at Ruby Tuesday’s! Whaaa Happened? You told me you found a Hall of Fame point guard. Remember all the stats you use to keep as wallpaper on your phone just in case someone dare test you 5 game knowledge of Jeremy Lin? Where’s that now? Ever since ya boy got castrated in Miami you’ve been quiet. Perhaps you forgot that he was a young NBA player that may need more than a week to adjust to the greatest athletes in the world. Maybe you didn’t consider the fact that the Knicks we beating tomato cans, and the schedule was going to get tough after the All-Star break? Perhaps you were too busy trying to rush order a Jeremy Lin fat head. That you would inevitably hang up in you kids bedroom who has no choice.

You told me you didn’t need Carmelo Anthony. As a matter of fact you would have probably traded him back to Denver to for Timofey Mozgov, and bleacher seats at a Mets game. I would say that you forgot how good Melo was, or the fact that he is half the reason you’re relevant (Amare Stoudemire owns the other half). However, that would have required you to pay attention to a team while they struggle. And I know you’re too good for that. So, allow me to let you go back to reading the back page of the Post, and figure out what they want you to root for next.”


The Knicks do have problems, but they can work all of them out. They just need to believe in D’Antoni’s offensive system, and develop a defensive scheme that holds individuals accountable. I still believe they can go to the Eastern Conference Finals, and challenge the Miami Heat. IT’s just not going to happen overnight.

We can all admit that the “Jeremy Lin thing” was overblown, but would you have wanted it any other way?

I wouldn’t have.


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