Kortney’s Last Show, EP 154: Everybody’s Breast Were Out “It Was the Grammys”

On this episode of Kortney’s Last Show Podcast, Kortney talks about the Grammys and marvels at everyone discovering Charles Oakley

Kortney opens the show talking about Charles Oakley, James Dolan, Latrell Sprewell, and the New York Knicks.

He also talks about the Grammy Awards (14:55), Oklahoma City being drubbed by Golden State, and Oklahoma City fans (36:47), and Playboy brings back nudity (42:24).

Music: Kurtis Blow – The Breaks

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Kortney’s Last Show, EP 149: Is Trump Getting Peed On?…The Next Four Years (Playlist Style)

On this episode of Kortney’s Last Show Podcast, Kortney talks about the circus shutting down and his official playlist for the Next Four Years… available on Spotify

Kortney opens the show talking about the idea of Donald Trump getting peed on and how somebody has to do it.

He discusses Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus shutting down, Will Smith playing in a Dumbo movie, his acting career (8:17), NFL Playoffs, Terrible sports analysis (17:36), Diabolical Hater: Kyle Williams (25:39), and Quick Hitters: Derrick Rose, World Cup Expansion, and JC Penny mattresses (29:34).

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Kortney’s Last Show Podcast, EP 46: Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Finally! Adrian Peterson should do this to the Vikings…


So Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are finally going to fight. It’s about 27 years to late, but does it really matter? Are you not going watch the fight? Do you have something better to do May 2nd? I know both fighters are past their prime, but it’s still a huge fight. Plus it’s an excuse to throw a party. Who doesn’t want to have a party? I want to find all these anti-party people, and make sure we never hangout.

I plan on watching the fight. However I do have a dilemma, which I discuss on the show.

I also talks about Adrian Peterson not wanting to go back to the Minnesota Vikings, and I offer him some solutions.

I close the show talking about Phil Jackson ripping the New York Knicks and Alaska legalizing marijuana.


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Kortney’s Last Show Podcast, EP 38: Stuart Scott…$1100 Sony Walkman, Ohio State vs. Oregon Championship Game

Football - NCAA - Rose Bowl - Ohio State vs. Oregon

When I heard about Stuart Scott passing away it rocked me like I didn’t think it would. I had no idea I had this connection to him. Many that knew him have eulogized him, so I’m not going to do that. Instead on the podcast I talk about how he affected me. I love Stuart Scott, and I glad I got the opportunity to watch him.

I also talk about Sony making a new Walkman which sounds like a horrific idea. On top of that it cost $1100.

And it wouldn’t be a show unless I talked about The Ohio State Buckeyes and their matchup against Oregon in the National Champion. Now “spoiler alert” they’re going to win, but I explain why.


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Josh Smith released from a bad Detroit Pistons team

WOW!! Josh Smith got released from the awful Detroit Pistons. How bad must it have been for arguably the worst team in the NBA to say, “You can just leave, and make sure you get all your stuff.” The NBA doesn’t just release players. I can’t think of the last player that got release. Latrell Sprewell choked out his coach and he wasn’t release.

Now the question is, who’s going to pick him up. He’s really good and can help a team win. However, you don’t want him on a bad team because he would mess around and make you win games. That eliminates the 76ers, Orlando, Minnesota, and Utah. The most obvious place is the L.A. Lakers. They need help at every position, and it would give Kobe Bryant another player to yell at. However, that would create a logjam at the forward position.

I think he should sign with the Knicks they have problems defending, which Josh could help, and he would take pressure off Carmelo Anthony. Also I want to see the New York Knicks debacle get worse. Imagine Josh Smith stealing the ball from Carmelo like Carlton in from Will in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.



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The Daily Take: How Jeremy Lin “Slammed” the New York Knicks

NBA owners really have to grow up.  Between Cleveland, Orlando, and New York, we have a consortium of owners who just don’t “get it.”  I am completely baffled at all times by old white guys who really think they’ve bought inanimate toys.  They sit around on their carpet and like marbles or pogs (yeah, I just said pogs . . . get ya Slammer game right), they watch them fight to their near death on a yearly basis, and then whether they win or lose, they prepare to pick up their toys, put them next to that old tuna sandwich in their lunchbox and walk home.  If anything has been proven in this new era of the NBA[1], it’s that players are no longer pogs.  If this was 1994, everyone would happily be re-signing with their teams as they angrily stare like wild dogs at the team across the state-lines.  However, exploitation days are over.


IF the NBA owners want to be successful, they need to buy low and sell high.  However, these young African – American men know their stock as well, and likewise have learned to buy low and sell high, which leads me to my daily take:  Jeremy Lin(sational/sanity/sane-in-the-membrane/t roller?) leaving the New York Knicks.


Like Denzel says in Training Day “the sh*t is chess, it ain’t checkers . . . that’s the game I’m playin’ his ass.”  And boy, did James Dolan’s ass get played.


Every once in a while when you’re playing pogs, you look through that lunchbox of yours and find something rolling around . . . a Slammer you TOTALLY FORGOT YOU HAD![2] [3]  Jeremy Lin was that Slammer.  He dropped buckets, dollars, and wins on to a depleted NY franchise that had suffered as the last team in New York since the days of Isaiah Thomas.[4]  Then, when Amare, Melo, and Shumpert came back, what do you do?  You try to find a happy medium between your new and old Slammer(s).  But when you’re Slammer gets chipped, you obviously put it away until you get it fixed.  Jeremy Lin got chipped up and decided to sit the bench.  However, here is where humans prove they can never be pogs.  When Dolan wanted to put his super-slammer back out there, Lin the human said “I’m only 85%.”


James Dolan begins to go through the stages of grief and write long, sobbing emails to Dan Gilbert about what he should do to get his toys back and happy again.


All the while, Jeremy Lin did the exact thing he should’ve done; he tested the other lunchboxes in the schoolyard.  He happened to find another lunchbox that had zero Slammers, which needed one really badly.  My sources tell me[5] that now James Dolan let his Slammer go, in part, because he was upset that his toy wanted to leave.  What trash.


So now, we have Dan Gilbert in 2008 writing the 95 theses of how to act like a pre-pubescent 7 year – old, the Orlando Magic acting like a 8 year-old in love with Sally Jenkins (and can’t let go),[6] and now our most recent installment, James Dolan acting like the 9-year old on the monkey bars saying “nah-na nah-na boo-boo, I don’t have to sign you.”[7]  The only problem with this theory . . . Dan, you did have to sign him.


I’m sorry to say it, but Jeremy Lin was New York’s best hope for going deep into the playoffs. This is now a point-guard driven league.  Jeremy Lin was the only PG the Knicks had that was in-shape, had both ACL’s and wasn’t spoiled by the NY lifestyle.[8]  On top of that he killed Derek Fisher (something Steve Blake couldn’t do), and wait . . . didn’t he torch Jason Kidd last year when NY played and beat the Mavericks???  Further, I was stunned to find out that even after bouncing around that much; he was only 23 years old.  So why wouldn’t you treat him like a Kyrie Irving at Duke?  Kyrie obviously was not a bust, but c’mon you’d be crazy to put his 11 games at Duke above Jeremy Lin’s 25 starts in New York?


James Dolan should’ve treated Jeremy Lin like a rookie.  He should’ve treated him like an asset he desperately needed to take a risk on in this PG – driven league.  He didn’t.  Now, you can find him in NY, walking around with a lunchbox full of old Slammers that can’t get him past the first round.


[1] “…new era of the NBA”: The post-Kwame Brown era when owners decided to protect themselves they would limit the amount of money rookies could make, and like-wise players like LBJ and D-Wade decided to limit the amount of years they would sign on to stay in one place.  Funny, just like kids, even owners needed someone else to police themselves.  But now, they hate their own rules (restricted free agents, offer sheets, soon they’ll be complaining that they should be able to re-bid on their amnestied players . . . just watch . . . How I know?  I’ve played with “pogs” a lot.)

[2] Mine was a Michael Jordan “45” pog.  It was about the weight of a small child and could easily flip an enough cardboard that an entire room would need to be cleaned before a next turn.

[3] FYI:  Just had to make another note and thanks to Bill Simmons for re-inviting the footnote into the blogosphere.  What he did in footnotes in The Book of Basketball was probably the funniest shit in the book, and thus made the 500+ pages actually readable.  Some people argue about the third level of the Hall of Fame . . . Bill and his footnotes made it hilarious.  It is for this reason I use footnotes, anyone who doesn’t pay homage is lying . . . i.e. Thanks Bill.

[4] Isaiah’s only comments of the Slam Dunk contest he judged:  “He made me say ooh, he made me say aah.”  What a waste.  Some guys should never be GMs. Especially great players.  Danny Ainge, Danny Ferry are middle of the road guys, they can do that.  But for the greats, please just let us remember you that way.  But these same guys are too competitive.  Is it by happenstance, Bird, Magic, Michael, Isaiah, and most recently Shaq have been involved in front office politics?  No! They’re competitors.  So, here’s my first of many pleas . . . Kobe . . . PLEASE DON’T DO IT!

[5] a la Chris Broussard

[6] This works because when you’re in love and young you try EVERYTHING!  You’ll ignore her, make fun of her, go behind her back and tell her secrets to your head coach, you beg for her to stay, and then once she’s checked out, finally, you beg for her to come back.

[7] That rhyme doesn’t really translate to written form well, but you get what I mean . . if not, just say it a gain with your thumb on your nose and wave your fingers back and forth.

[8] Felton, Shumpert, and J. Kidd (respectively).


Kyle Williams

Kyle is a writer on Comedic Prose

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No Jeremy Lin Situation

The New York Knicks had 2 choices: One, they pay a generous amount of money to keep Jeremy Lin in the Big Apple. Two, they let Linsanity walk and every greenback dollar that his sensation would have brought to the franchise along with it.

There was no right choice for James Dolan.

Sign Lin to the 3 year, $25 million backloaded contract and you risk compromising your already delicate as a baby’s head roster. Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith have both gone public about their displeasure with the enormity of Lin’s contract. Behind the scenes locker-room balance is often overblown by the media but Linsanity could very well have produced a major rift among the Knick players.

Not to mention that bringing Lin back would in all likelihood have meant a similar and familiar fate for the New York Knicks and their fans – no championship. Because of the danger Lin’s contract posed to the Knicks financially, anything less than a championship in his 3 years would have been deemed a failure.

Considering what the Knicks have given up to create this “superstar” roster to match that of Miami and Oklahoma City, bringing Jeremy Lin back would have brought even more unrealistic expectations to a team that has shown no ability to contend.

On the other hand, let him walk and the Knicks risk losing a potential star quality NBA point guard. Lin doesn’t even have an entire season under his belt yet has shown that he can play at a level that most NBA players could never reach. The Knicks brass will never hear the end of it if Jeremy Lin finds a way to blossom in the Houston Rockets organization.

Lin will have to fall flat on his face in Houston to silence Lin’s legion of fans in New York.

3 point guards, a big luxury tax hit in 3 years and almost undoubtedly no championship? Raymond Felton, Jason Kidd and no hope for a championship?

With Jeremy Lin, the Knicks were left without a good alternative.

Jeremy Lin is as unknown as the unknown gets. At this point, the mystery of Lin is tougher to solve than Jack the Ripper. No one knows who Jeremy Lin really is and who he really can be. The riddle of Lin is what has made this so doggone difficult for the Knicks.

Despite James Dolan’s apparent disgust regarding Lin’s lack of loyalty, it is peculiar that, since their season ended, New York had been adamant in the fact that they would match whatever offer Jeremy Lin received. Marketing aside, Lin has immense potential that you would have thought the Knicks wanted to explore. They discovered Lin so it made sense that they wanted to see what type of player he could turn into. By handing him over to the Rockets it’s as if they discovered gold in a small untouched area yet didn’t want to fully invest in the possibility that the entire area could be flooded with gold.

While the marketability of Jeremy Lin clearly wasn’t as big a deal as it was made it out to be, the Knicks still lose out on that as well by setting Lin free.

Nevertheless, there was so much lose and awfully little win surrounding both choices in this decision-making process.

That is why it is so difficult, one way or the other, to condemn or applaud the Knicks in choosing to let Jeremy Lin sign with the Rockets.

There was just no Linning this one.


Chris Ross

Chris is a writer on Comedic Prose, and he also is the editor of Painting the Black.

You can follow Chris on twitter @paintstheblack or e-mail him at cross_can15@hotmail.com

New York Knicks are right in letting Jeremy Lin walk

Sources1 say that the New York Knicks will not match the Houston Rockets offer for Jeremy Lin. That means New York has probably seen the last of Linsanity. That also means that the Knicks may have someone in the front office with a brain. I know New York loved Linsanity, but I don’t get the feeling that the fans are sad to see him go. I think everyone knew the phenomena that was Jeremy Lin would end eventually. I would liken his ascension to that of MC Hammer. We embraced the novelty of Hammer but we all knew it had a shelf life. There’s only so long a grown man can dance around with parachute pants on. In Jeremy Lin’s case, there’s only so long you can masquerade as New York savor without actually doing something.

The New York Knicks were right to not resign Jeremy Lin for several reasons. Let’s set aside the obvious reason which is that fact that he’s not that good, and isn’t worth $25 million. Who spends $25 million for a limited backup point guard, except for the Houston Rockets. The Knicks were right not to sign Jeremy Lin because of his limited time in the floor. Dude just hadn’t played enough games. Just think, at the height of Linsanity he had started 10 games and Mike D’Antoni still had a job. Of course it all came to an end on a night in February when Mario Chalmers went Son of Glove on him.

Now I know later on Lin got injured, but how serious was the injury? It was reported that he was working out during the playoffs, and said he was 85%. So why didn’t he play? Maybe he didn’t want to risk being exposed by Mario Chalmers and the Miami Heat in the playoffs once again? That leads me to the main reason why the New York Knicks shouldn’t resign Lin.

He’s knows he’s a fraud.

There is such a thing as over achieving and under achieving. There is also such a thing as over achieving for a limited time because of the situation you’re in. The later best describes what Jeremy Lin did in New York. Many teams are fooled into giving players like Lin big contracts. Sometimes their stuck in a compromised situation, and they cave into the pressure. That could have been the outcome for the Knicks and Jeremy Lin. However Lin saved the Knicks from making a mistake. By sitting out during the playoffs, Lin told Knicks, “In not who you think I am.” He minus well have recruited a street team to hand out Fraudsanity shirts.

So to Knicks fans I would say you dodged a bullet. Be happy that the Knicks finally made a decision that didn’t set your franchise back 3 years. Maybe this will drive away the ghost of Isiah Thomas. Then again…you still have a ball stopper in Carmelo Anthony, a 75 year old point guard, and a power forward that can’t stay healthy. The ghost may not be completely gone, but it could be on its way out.


1. I always wonder who sources are. I think they make up sources. Sources could be that dude that gives bad haircuts at the barber shop.


Kortney Shane Williams

Editor-in-Chief of Comedic Prose

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Head Over…Head for Steve Nash in Toronto


Even if it isn’t always for the best, “the heart wants what it wants.”

The hearts of Raptors fans were longing for Steve Nash in Toronto. For a 38-year-old aging point guard, this was a longing that had classic heart over head feeling written all over it. A mere month ago, you would have been crazy to say that it was possible that the Canadian-born superstar could play for his homeland’s team. However, Nash to Toronto became a real possibility in recent days and fans didn’t mind pulling out every stop to lure him back up north.

Unlike Raptors fans, Bryan Colangelo’s heart wasn’t in on this one. On paper, it looks and sounds good that their general manager’s heart is not playing a part in this decision. I mean, it is his job to use his head to make the best decision for the sake of the Toronto Raptors.

Unfortunately, it was only a small part of Bryan Colangelo’s head that was making the decision to go all-in on Steve Nash. The business side of his head overrode every other region of his head.

Colangelo’s noggin understood that Raptors fans hearts were all-in on Steve Nash. He felt that he could do no wrong by doing everything humanly possible to bring Nash to the NBA’s lone Canadian team. Nash is still playing at a high level and his arrival in Canada would fulfill the pipe dreams of a nation of basketball fans. Fans would be happy he was doing rather than nothing.

He figured, what’s the harm?

For many Canadians, including myself, Steve Nash will forever be their favourite basketball player. My heart was in on this Steve Nash deal a little while ago. It was difficult not to get on board the possibility of Nash to Toronto. I mean, it seemed close to impossible anyways.

What a difference a few days makes.

On Tuesday, the Raptors and Landry Fields verbally agreed to a back loaded 3 year $20 million offer sheet, which supposedly prevented the New York Knicks from acquiring Nash. Fields is a guy the Raptors apparently are fond of but probably not at that price. Early Wednesday morning, the Knicks became the frontrunners but then lost out on Nash to the Los Angeles Lakers in the evening. Toronto was left in the dust.

Bryan Colangelo went all-in with a pair of 10’s for Steve Nash. The Lakers, they somehow managed a straight flush.

Colangelo’s all or nothing move for Nash via Fields failed big time. The Raptors are going to be stuck with another inconsistent shooting wing player. Fields has potential but he’s not worth what the Raptors are going to pay him. Colangelo gave Steve Nash his best pitch but he knew it wasn’t enough. He decided to risk even more of the future, supposedly leaving Nash no choice.

The Landry Fields move shows that Bryan Colangelo has lost sight of the big picture, well, not that he really had any idea of it to start with.

It has been almost 2 years since Bosh has left for Miami. He was forced to finally rebuild after his retool to impress Chris Bosh didn’t exactly impress. Apparently, 2 years on the rebuild is 2 years too many for the other Bryan GM in Toronto. Colangelo appears to have no issue with compromising the long-term rebuild of the franchise. It’s because he is only looking out for number 1 – himself.

Colangelo knew that Nash was going to buy him some more time.

When Colangelo went all-in for Nash, his eyes lit up like cartoon dollar signs and his blinders only let him see the extra years of job security Nash would provide him. The Canadian icon would have filled the seats, sold merchandise and brought a buzz to the Toronto Raptors not seen since the Vin-sanity days. It was simply business for Bryan Colangelo but this type of business isn’t what the Toronto Raptors need right now.

My heart told me I would have enjoyed the coming years if Steve Nash had joined the Raptors. It would have been a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness a situation as unique as Nash in Toronto.

Bryan Colangelo played off those types of feelings. His business head knew that he could take advantage of Canada’s national love for Steve.

Bryan Colangelo was being completely selfish.

The job security of a professional sports GM depends on him making the best decision for the team, except for those times when he is coming close to his expiry date. Once again, Colangelo proved he is unwilling to trust a rebuild. His selfish motives got in the way of his franchises best interests.

The Raptors are lucky to avoid getting Steve Nash. Fields and Nash would have been $55 million on the books for the next 3 years. It would have killed their rebuild. They’re still stuck with Fields but things could be worse.

With the extra revenue Nash would have brought to the team, Bryan Colangelo knew that he would have no trouble compensating for that overpriced tag of $12 million per. However, compensating for those 3 years of lost rebuilding would have been a tad trickier.

For Bryan Colangelo, bringing in Steve Nash wasn’t about helping grow the sport of basketball in Canada. It wasn’t about pleasing the fans. And most importantly, it wasn’t about making the Toronto Raptors the finest team they possibly could be.

BC has been feeling the heat and the Nash sweepstakes were all about what was best for Bryan Colangelo.

His heart may not be in it but, by chasing Steve Nash as relentlessly as he did, Colangelo has clearly shown that his business head has taken over his general managing head.

That’s just bad news for the Toronto Raptors.


Chris Ross

Chris is a writer on Comedic Prose, and he also is the editor of Painting the Black.

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New York Knicks’ Problems Part 2: Carmelo Anthony, jab stepping the New York Knicks to failure


When Carmelo Anthony joined the New York Knicks, he was deemed as the guy coming home to lead his city to a NBA Championship. When they gave up half of their roster to acquire Anthony, the Knicks made it clear that, “Carmelo is our guy.” Well if Carmelo is your guy, you have to build the team around him. You need to sign guys that play without the basketball, and get garbage points. You can’t throw Carmelo in a situation where he has to set people up. He’s not a facilitator. That’s like putting Allen Iverson in a triangle offense, or trying to get M. Night Shyamalan to make a movie without an unneeded twist. It’s just not going to happen.

Offensively the Knicks don’t have an identity. That’s why this team has taken on so many personalities this season. One month their running the offense through Carmelo, and watching him jab step his way to shot clock violations1. Then Melo goes down with an injury, and Linsanity drops out of the sky like Square Grouper2. All of a sudden their running up and down the court, the basketball is exciting, and New York is buzzing like a sorority girl on Cinco de Mayo. Then the clock strikes midnight, and Jeremy Lin is castrated by the Miami Heat on National T.V. Next thing you know J.R. Smith and Steve Novak turn them into a three-point shooting team. Eventually it all ends with Carmelo, jab stepping the shot clock, and Knick fans wondering why their team is getting blown out.

If the Knicks want to fix their identity issue they need to build around Carmelo Anthony.

The New York Knicks have two superstars in Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony that can’t play together. It’s not because their games don’t mesh, rather it’s the fact that Amare isn’t healthy. I like Stoudemire a lot, but it’s obvious that the injuries are wearing on him. I’m not sure if it’s his back, the microfracture surgery on his knees, or the fact that half his hand was hanging off after punching a fire extinguisher case. But with Melo, it’s not meant to be. He no longer has the clout that it takes to get the ball out of Anthony’s hands. So rather than getting mediocre results out of a frustrated Stoudemire, it’s best that the Knicks trade him for a better fit.

If you are going to build around Carmelo Anthony you have to have another player that can take the ball out of his hands. That may sound crazy, but think about the Oklahoma City Thunder. They have Kevin Durant, who is the best scorer in the league. Yet their team works offensively, because Russell Westbrook has the ability to create his own shot. On the outside looking in, it seems like Westbrook should defer to Durant. However if Durant was their only scoring option, teams would load up on him, and Kevin would be resigned to tough perimeter shots. Now before you say, “I’m crazy” and “That will never work with Carmelo Anthony.” Think about this. Carmelo Anthony has been the NBA 9 years and has only advanced out of the first round of the playoffs once. The year he advanced with the Denver Nuggets, to the Western Conference Finals. Alongside him was Chauncey Billups, who average 20 ppg and 7 assist. So this has been done before, and it was highly successful.

This offseason the New York Knicks should try to turn trade Amare Stoudemire for that piece that will help them win a championship. Perhaps they could get a guy like Dwight Howard, who could take pressure off Carmelo and make them the best defensive front court in the league. Or maybe they could get Josh Smith and Jeff Teague from the Atlanta Hawks?

Then again it’s more likely they will stay as constituted. I can see them talking it out in the front office right now, “We can probably get 2 more years out of Amare, Carmelo lights up The Garden when he’s taking 30 shots a game, and the great Jeremy Lin will be back. That sounds like a championship team to me, or at least a mirage that will fool are fan base for another year.”



1. I think Carmelo should literally take the jab step out of his game. Just treat it like that 12-year-old kind in Old Yeller, and got shotgun on it. That works in college, but in the NBA it makes you easier to guard.

2. Whatever happened to Linsanity? I thought he was the second coming. I was on eBay looking for a Jeremy Lin t-shirt, and you can get one for 95 cents. That’s right you can take Linsanity home for one easy payment of 95 cents.


New York Knicks Problems Part 1


Kortney Shane Williams

Editor-in-Chief of Comedic Prose

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