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Kortney’s Last Show, EP 156: Jimmy Kimmel is the GOAT & Death of the Minaj

On this episode of Kortney’s Last Show Podcast, Kortney talks about Shaq being a habitual line stepper. Kortney opens the show talking about Remy Martin going “ShETHER” on Niki Minaj. He also talks about the Academy Awards last night (11:29), the job Jimmy Kimmel did (21:47), Magic Johnson running the Los Angeles Lakers (29:20), and…
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Is Dwight Howard really doing this to himself?

The Dwight Howard and Orlando Magic situation is getting out of control. By out of control I mean this situation is making my head hurt. I’m actually nauseous. I think I threw up in my mouth last night. I don’t understand what the Magic organization is trying to accomplish. I understand that they don’t want…
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What If Athletes Were Movies?

The NFL season is less than a week away from being over, and now I’m faced with the same predicament I face every single February … the “what now?” predicament.  I am fully aware that other sports exist; the NBA is in full swing, March Madness is right around the corner, and hockey is, um,…
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