A small delay in the Miami Heat Hater Celebration

A small delay in the Miami Heat Hater Celebration


So the Miami Heat are going back to the NBA Finals, after fighting off the Indiana Pacers in game 7. Unfortunately that means the Heat Hater celebration party will have wait for a couple weeks. And man, was a ready for a celebration last night.

I had it all set up on my apartment balcony (I am only allowed to have championship celebrations on the balcony aka fire escape. For fear that I may destroy my house). There were streamers and strippers littered all over. I even had plastic laid down over the plants, so they wouldn’t be poisoned by the championship Miller High Life suds. However, during the 2nd quarter when Frank Vogel inexplicably put Paul George and Roy Hibbert on the bench, I put the party on hold. As expected the Miami Heat took full advantage of the Sam Young, D.J. Augustin, Ian Mahinmi lineup, and they built a lead that would never be in danger.

So, now the hopes of all the Heat Haters hinge on the San Antonio Spurs.

To think the team that broke my heart in the 2007 NBA Finals holds my happiness in their hands…it kind of makes me feel dirty. However I would give anything to pop the top of a Miller High Life, while I toast to the Heat’s failure.


For the record San Antonio will win this series in six. They’re just better than a Heat team that is gassed.


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