Cleveland Cavaliers, to trade or not to trade the #1 Pick

Cleveland Cavaliers, to trade or not to trade the #1 Pick


When the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA lottery, the first thing that came to my mind was, “Oh my gosh! Now they have to draft Nerlens Noel.”

Going into this off season the Cavaliers were in a position to round out their roster, and make the playoffs. However now that they have won the lottery, a monkey wrench may be thrown into that plan. This particular wrench is a 200 pounds, 6′ 10″ center with no knee.

Immediately you would think that the Cavaliers have to trade this pick. I mean it’s ridiculous and to draft a guy that can’t play. Especially since Otto Porter Jr would be a much better fit. However I don’t think trading this pick is a no brainer.


The Cleveland Cavaliers should only trade the number one pick under one condition.

If the Cavaliers can get an all-star caliber player, then they should trade the pick. If not they should draft Nerlens Noel, let him sit out as long as he wants to (Derrick Rose style), and get back in the lottery next year. Under the second scenario the Cavaliers would be in a position of power where they could conduct a blockbuster move. Not only could they trade Noel, but they could package him with their 2014 lottery pick. Perhaps they could set up a trade with a team like the Minnesota Timberwolves, who may be desperate to unload Kevin Love. Then they could use their other assets to make themselves an eastern conference championship contender.

Then maybe it wouldn’t be so farfetched to lure you know who back to Cleveland.



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  1. When trying to trade the pick, you have to realize that other teams have to be interested. Cleveland is in a rough spot. They can’t trade the pick, because no one is gonna give up anything. All the players are about the same level in the top ten.

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