Too Early to apologize to Justin Masterson?

Too Early to apologize to Justin Masterson?


Famously, or rather infamously or maybe unfamously – I don’t know what you call it when no one reads the article you wrote – I wrote an article in which I proposed the idea of putting Justin Masterson on a pontoon boat, and having it  lost at sea. He was the center of the Cleveland indians’ horrible pitching staff, and I wanted him gone.

So far this year he has been pitching great. So it’s only right that I asked the question, “Is it too early for me to apologize about  the whole having him lost at sea thing?” My first thought is,  “Hell yeah it is too soon! This is Justin Masterson were talking about. He has this weird Rick James kind of quality about him. As soon as you think everything is okay, he’ll  come in your house and rub his dirty shoes into your couch.

At the same time this is 2013 Justin Masterson. This guy grinds his feet into the opponents couch.

It’s only a month and a half into the season and he has beat 3 of the last 4 Cy Young award winners. Masterson has firmly supplanted Ubaldo Jiménez as the number one starter in the Cleveland Indians rotation. His stuff looks great, and he seems to be gaining confidence game by game. I can’t believe I’m saying this – especially after the whole pontoon boat thing – but it looks like the Indians could actually be good with him as the anchor in the starting rotation. With that being said this is Justin Masterson we’re t talking about. I fully expect his Rick James side to show up at anytime. Lets just hope he self-combust sometime after October.


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