Terrell Owens great for Seattle, irrelevant for the Seahawks

Terrell Owens great for Seattle, irrelevant for the Seahawks

As a resident in the city of Seattle I can confidently say that Terrell Owens’ arrival to the Seattle Seahawks has created a buzz amongst fans. I have yet to go anywhere without someone asking me, “What do you think about the Seahawks getting Terrell Owens?” My answer is usually a mixture between “I don’t know, why you care, and don’t you know he’s 38?” My response is followed by them repeating the original question. At that point I sigh heavily and say, “I don’t know…you know he’s 38, right?” The conversation usually ends with them telling me he’s going to be great, or with me running out of ways of saying “I don’t know.”

Despite this interaction happening on a daily basis, I’m still shocked by the intrigue and optimism of the Seahawk fan. I mean you didn’t sign Larry Fitzgerald or Mike Wallace. You signed an old wide receiver. That was in some sandlot league last year. Now he is a first ballot hall of Famer, but that’s not what he is at this point. The funny this, every fan in Seattle knows this. Perhaps Seattle fans are happy about the arrival of Terrell Owens, because it makes them nationally relevant.

As a fan, there is no substitute for being relevant. Terrell Owens does that for the Seattle Seahawks. So rather Owens has 50 catches or none. He will be a success for Seattle Seahawk fans. As for the Seattle Seahawks franchise…?

Terrell Owens does nothing for the Seattle Seahawks. He won’t be the reason they make or miss the playoff. While Owens is an above average receiver, he can’t play Offensive Line or defensive back. The problem with the Seahawks is they don’t have enough good players. Consequently Terrell Owens is irrelevant for the Seattle Seahawks. So don’t expect Owens to be the piece that pushes Seattle over the top. You’ll probably be 7 – 9 and have no chance of making the playoffs, but at least you’ll be relevant.


Kortney Shane Williams

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  1. Kai Nomura says:

    Thanks for posting this article. Now I can rest easy knowing I never have to read this blog and its negative, condescending, arrogant content again .

  2. me me mememe says:

    you don’t know what you are talking about.

  3. Not a fan says:

    I’m not a fan of the Seattle Seahawks but I am a fan of T.O. I couldn’t stand him when he was in San Fran…because he disgraced my Dallas Cowboys star at mid field. Then he became a Cowboy and apologized for what he did and I was a fan. I have been a fan ever since. He has not always been a great teammate but he has never been in trouble with the law. He is self centered but he’s a competetor and wants to win.

    With that said this artical is spot on. He is great for the town and he is actually a good pick up for the Seahawks, but his presence alone is not enough to make a difference. If the Seahawks make the playoffs or if they don’t it won’t be because T.O. is there.

    I wish him the best and I hope he proves everyone wrong and has a blow out season. Good luck T.O.

  4. 2 things i love in this world… my Seahawks and my college… just saying

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