The Washington Huskies could take the Big Ten off the hook

The Washington Huskies could take the Big Ten off the hook

         The Washington Huskies are slated to be the next victims of the SEC. This weekend they will get thrashed (Savannah State style) by the LSU Tigers. And after that happens, two things will be true.
1. The Big Ten cant beat the SEC consistently
2. The Pac-12 cant beat them at all.
Now Pac-12 fans want you to believe that there ready for the big time. As a matter of fact they’ll argue that their conference has been over looked, and is at worst the second best conference in the nation. Now I’m sure many will concede that argument , because they don’t watch Pac-12 games, or more likely don’t care. Its also easy to concede because the Big East is basically laughable, the Big 12’s (which is really 8 teams, but whose counting) marque teams have underachieved the last couple of years, and the Big Ten (actually have 11, but once again, who’s counting) gets their doors blown off by the SEC on what seems like a daily occurrence. However before you go all in with the Pac-12 and start ingratiating yourself with testy Oregon Fans1. Ask yourself this question? Who does the Pac-12 play?
     The Pac-12 is scene as the conference that schedules the toughest oppenents, but when is the last they scheduled a big game against the SEC? I’m not talking about Washington against LSU. That’s just feeding meat to wolves. Tell me the last Oregon played Georgia or USC played Florida? Don’t worry about looking that up on, I will tell you. “It doesn’t happen.” Consequently the Pac-12 is viewed as one of the top college football conferences because they don’t put themselves in the position to be exposed. On the other hand the Big Ten schedules top opponents, and while they consistently lose. At least we know where they stand.
     The Pac-12 is the fourth best conference in the nation. They don’t have the quality of the depth of the Big 12 or the Big Ten. This weekend that will be exposed, again. Hopefully the people that criticize every conference that cant beat the SEC, will be ready to jump on Washington and the Pac-12. I know I will.

1. Oregon Duck fans are starting to get testy. I think it’s because there fan base has expanded, and the influx of knew fans have an entitlement reminiscent to a traditional football power. To those fans I would say, “Dude you just showed up yesterday. Lets see if you’re still good in 5 years.”

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