Jersey Shore Go Away, and Don’t Come Another Day

Jersey Shore Go Away, and Don’t Come Another Day

For some reason I got suck watching the Jersey Shore a couple days ago. Now I’m not quite sure how it happened. Maybe it was fate? Kind of like a final destination situation. Where even when you try and get away. Eventually your television just gets suck on MTV at 10 o’ clock. That could be what happened. Then again I could programmed it in my TIVO a month ago, just so I could play it back after I watched it live. However it may have happened, I got locked into the first 15 minutes of the season premiere of the Jersey Shore.

The Jersey Shore is over, done, finito. We minus well zip up this body bag full of suntan lotion, and put it on the curb. All the story lines have been exhausted. Sure you can throw in a Snookie pregnancy and the idea that The Situation will stop drinking to distract us, but at the end of the day the show is still the same. It’s about hooking up with girls, watching Sam and Ronnie fight, and seeing if Jenni will eventually stop wearing clothes. The problem is, the house has had sex with every girl on the beach, the Sam/Ronnie thing is getting disturbing, and Jenni’s implants have left nothing to the imagination.

So let’s just stop the whole Shore thing, but before you stop. Make sure Ronni gets a book deal.


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