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Kortney’s Last Show, EP 78: Paula Dean DWTS & Suckas Playing Draft Kings

    On this episode of The Last Show Podcast, I talk about discovering Paula Dean being on dancing with the stars. I wonder if she will dance with black people. I also talk about suckas that play one-day fantasy leagues. You’re not going to win, and I have proof. I also talk about the new Big…
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Kortney’s Last Show Podcast, EP 55: Sofía Vergara’s Frozen Eggs


On this episode I talk about how ridiculous this whole deflategate thing is. I’m not getting charged up about the psi in a football. However, many people are, and I make fun of them.

I also talk about Sofía Vergara’s frozen eggs.

Diabolical hater of the week is Chris “Mad Dog” Russo.


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Kortney’s Last Show, EP 45: Brian Williams’ Lies


Brian Williams, oh Brian. What happened?

This is an interesting story, but I have no real opinion on it. Because I watch local news. Local news is where all the action is at. Local news reporters have to make news at least 3 days a week, because sometimes nothing happens. Consequently they end up with odd stories about the local dive bar running a pull tab scam. To me that is entertaining and that’s why I don’t watch Brian Williams. However, I am interested in all this lying. Why say you got shot at in a helicopter, when you work on TV. Come on Brian.

So I talk about Brian Williams on the podcast. Also I realized that Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar officially have new songs. I close the show wondering why people always like to count Tom Brady’s money.


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If you celebrate the New England Patriot Way? You don’t care about the kids!


Huh…I don’t hear anything. Where’s your outrage against the New England Patriots for the way they acted during their super bowl parade? People sure love to pounce on the Seattle Seahawks, the 80s Miami Hurricanes, and the LeBron Miami Heat teams, for being braggadocios. Where’s the outrage now? I thought we were supposed to make sure athletes were being responsible and raising our kids effectively. That’s why NBC censored Doug Baldwin’s end zone celebration. That’s why we need to make sure Marshawn Lynch talks to the media and wears the right cleats, because kids needs to see their athletes obey authority. And when they don’t live up to their fatherly standards we need to have a summit, and figure out what’s wrong with these people. That’s when we hold up example like Larry Foote and Bill Cosby, “Come on Bill. Teach these kids how to act.” What happened to the heard of ESPN analyst castigating the athletes?… Read More

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Baltimore Ravens, Terrell Suggs Vs. New England Patriots, Tom Brady for the AFC Championship

This is the main event. You have Ball So Hard University on one side, and the Golden Boy on the other. John Harbaugh vs The Hoodie. There’s the always doubted Joe Flacco against New England’s Swiss Cheese defense. This is what we call, “Go Time” on the block (knock that stick off my shoulder style). Both…
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Then There Were Four…New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco 49ers, New York Giants…Who Will It Be?

After nearly an entire NFL season that came close to not happening in the first place, we have just four teams remaining with a chance to win it all.  The winners of this Sunday’s games will face off in Super Bowl XXVILMNOP or whatever number they’re on.  And no matter what happens, neither team will be the Saints or…
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NFL AFC Divisional Round Preview and Predictions

Houston Texans vs Baltimore Ravens I don’t know about you’ll, but I’ve had to remind myself about five times this week that the Texans are in the playoffs. It seemed like it was impossible for them to make it in the playoffs, let along the first round. However, then I’m reminded that they played the…
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Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos Just Shocked the Playoff World

“I can’t believe what I just saw!” – Jim Buck   What? Did that just happen? Please don’t tell me that Tim Tebow just won a playoff game. This weird hokey story was great during the regular season, but I don’t want the magic of Tebow being a factor in my playoff picture. I thought the Broncos…
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