NFL AFC Divisional Round Preview and Predictions

NFL AFC Divisional Round Preview and Predictions

Houston Texans vs Baltimore Ravens

I don’t know about you’ll, but I’ve had to remind myself about five times this week that the Texans are in the playoffs. It seemed like it was impossible for them to make it in the playoffs, let along the first round. However, then I’m reminded that they played the Cincinnati Bengals.

So you have the Texans vs the Ravens. This my friend is going to be a massacre. However, let me act like the Texans have a chance for the next paragraph.

The Texans have some great skill position players. I think everyone would have to admit that they have the best running back and wide receiver in the playoffs. Also they still have the number one regular season defense. Now if they bring all those components to Baltimore, the Texans have a chance. The problem is they have to bring their coach and quarterback.

The bottom line is the Ravens should dominate the Texans thoroughly. They have a better team and they’ve had a week off. T-Sizzle is going to be ready to go and I expect Joe Flacco to bring a maturity to the playoffs that he hasn’t played with before.

Ravens win, 27 – 13


Denver Broncos vs New England Patriots

So the mania ensues.

Now that you’ve gotten a week to grieve over the death of Pittsburg, let’s figure out if Denver can do it again.

The Broncos have a good defense (that has been weakened by injuries), great special teams, and a quarterback that has answered all the critics. People may not want to admit it, but outside of the quarterback position, the Broncos are the better team. So this game will come down to Tom Brady vs Tim Tebow.

I think we all expect Tom Brady to have a great game. That’s just what he does. On the other hand who knows what you’re going to get out Tebow. He could be great like he was last week, or he could show up in a sub par fashion. Anyone in their right mind would have to side with Tom Brady, because we know what we’re going to get

New England wins, 30 – 13 (now allow me to move to the side as lightning strikes)


Kortney Shane Williams

Editor of Comedic Prose


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