NFL NFC Divisional Round Preview and Predictions

NFL NFC Divisional Round Preview and Predictions

New Orleans Saints vs San Francisco 49ers

It’s crazy to say you have the NFC’s best defense and arguably the best offense in this game. Yet this game is the undercard.

New Orleans is crazy hot. Drew Brees and the offense is killing it, and the defense is playing well enough to win the super bowl. With Sean Payton devising great schemes, it seems like the Saints are set up to win this weekend.

The 49ers have had a fantastic regular season, but who are they really? They remind you of a girl that you met when you were drunk. Then when you wake up the next morning you can’t remember anything about her.

San Francisco is a team to be respected that hasn’t proved anything. You can’t say anything definitive about 49ers. Sure you would like to think that what happened in the regular season will translate, but who knows.

So I’m siding with the known.

Saints win, 28 – 20


New York Giants vs Green Bay Packers

This is the game of the week. It’s the only game were you could convince me that either of these teams could win the super bowl (I don’t think it matters if you convince me, but I like to feel self-important).

The New York Giants look like they’re poised for a super bowl run, but they have deficiencies that could hold them back.

Defensively they have a great front four that at time looks like a front six. Justin Tuck is a beast and Jason Pierre-Paul is a grown man. However, their back-end is terrible. That plays perfectly into Green Bay’s game plan, because they want to throw the ball down the field. Also with Aaron Rodgers ability to move around the pocket, he should be able to escape the Giants defensive front and make plays.

Offensively the Giants looked great last week, but they are still extremely limited. They can’t run the ball (don’t be fooled by last week, look at the numbers), and they live on big plays in the offense. So if there is bad weather in Green Bay, New York’s offense will be all but eliminated. At the same time bad weather will also limit the Packers.

So I expect this game to be won by the best players. Though New York has more good players on defense than the Packers, all around Green Bay has the best players on both sides of the ball.

Green Bay wins, 27 – 24


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