What does Jeremy Lin mean for the New York Knicks?

What does Jeremy Lin mean for the New York Knicks?

Jeremy Lin led the New York Knicks to a win over the Los Angeles Lakers while pouring in 38 points and 7 assist. Now allow me to repeat that without laughing. Some dude from Harvard has won 3 straight games, and he just led the Knicks to a win over the Lakers with 38 points (damn I still can’t stop laughing).

This Jeremy Lin story has a lot of tentacles. Let’s start with the obvious one first, and let’s do it quickly. Jeremy Lin is an Asian kid that played ball at Harvard, and wasn’t given much of a chance in the NBA. Now after a series of injuries he’s gotten an opportunity, and he’s playing great. Now that the obvious is address, time for something bigger. And I’m taking my time boys and girls so grab a beer and a blanket, even if you’re not of age.

The emergence of Jeremy Lin is an indictment of the Knicks ownership and front office. They are in the 3rd year of the Mike D’Antoni era, yet they never figured out that it takes a point guard to successfully run his offense. Sure they have Lin now but I don’t give them credit for that. The guy fell into their lap. If not for Baron Davis being on a Steak ‘n Shake rehab plan, they would have never had Lin on the roster. Now Jeremy is serviceable at point guard, but he’s not taking you anywhere with the combination of players on that team. And by players on that team I mean, Carmelo Anthony. Melo is a black hole, and doesn’t allow D’Antoni’s offense to flow (That’s another indictment kids. Feel free to grab another beer). This team needs a stronger guy at point guard for long-term success. Now it’s all laid out for the Knicks. It should be easy to fix that, right? They just have to trade for one. But wait…the Knicks traded everything they were worth for the aforementioned black hole that is Carmelo. This leaves the New York Knicks with a few options. They could try to change Carmelo, trade Carmelo, fire Mike D’Antoni (for a different offense), or be frustrated. It’s probably going to be the last option.

The City of New York continues to refer to themselves as the Mecca of basketball, and maybe they are when it comes to playground ball (shout out to 4th street). However that team that plays in Madison Square Garden doesn’t resemble anything that should be associated with a Mecca. Rather it looks like something that’s kin to a false prophet (Bill Parcells style ‘Thanks Dan Le Batard’). Now maybe Jeremy will work out and save basketball in New York. And I will concede that the NBA is better when the Knicks are relevant. However I love when New York fans suffer so, “long live front office futility.”


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    Your such a New York sports hater.And correction,he led 4 games not 3

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