Adele Dominates the 2012 Grammy Awards; Lady Gaga Goes Donut

Adele Dominates the 2012 Grammy Awards; Lady Gaga Goes Donut

The 54th Grammy Awards were pretty underwhelming. I guess I should have seen that coming, because the field of awards was underwhelming.

So as expected, Adele was the big winner. Ya girl won everything. I swear I saw Cam Newton hand her the Heisman trophy. What she did was Lauryn Hill-esque (She actually won one more Grammy than Hill in a single year, but Lauryn had 10 nominations). She basically showed up, and said, “You see these categories? I’m taking them all back to London with me, and ain’t nothing you can do about it. So sit there, and listen to me sing a upbeat depressing ballad. Then rise to your feet when I’m finished, and give me a 2 minute ovation.”

The best thing to come from the Grammys is Lady Gaga winning absolutely nothing. It actually saved the show. Because in a perfect world you want to believe that talent is rewarded. So, on the other end when you’re someone is a utter no talent you don’t want to see them rewarded. That’s why I’m happy Gaga didn’t receive anything. She has marketed herself as someone that wears crazy outfits, and can sing. When in actuality she wears crazy outfits, and nothing else. So it’s nice that justice was served, and I was glad to see that she had to sit there in that stupid costume all night (She went fish net over her face for the Grammy outfit). I just wish she wore the meat dress. That way everyone around her would have known how much she stunk by the end of the show.


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