Will Ferrell does an interestingly unfunny introduction for the Chicago Bulls and New Orleans Hornets

Will Ferrell does an interestingly unfunny introduction for the Chicago Bulls and New Orleans Hornets

So Will Ferrell announced the starting lineups for the Chicago Bulls and New Orleans Hornets last night. How he got the job is kind of confusing. I guess he was in town to film a movie, and David Stern called and said, “Hey Will, could you come to the arena and do a favor for ya boy. I’m still trying to sell this putrid New Orleans franchise, and if I could somehow trick someone into buying it would be great. So, if you could get on the microphone and lay down some witty anecdotes, I may be able to swindle Seattle into taking this team. Potentially you could help me may disguise the fact that I facilitated one of the worse trades of all time. ‘Damn that trade was terrible’. I think I may end up challenging Michael Jordan for the worse GM of all time (I wouldn’t go that far).”

So Will Ferrell walk to center court last night and it looked something like this.

Wow! That was sad. Who does a 80s night promotion when the franchise wasn’t even around in the 80s? Technically they were around, but they were the Charlotte Hornets. That means that New Orleans wanted this team just as much 30 years ago as they do now.

I’m not sure anybody wanted to be there. It seemed like Ferrell didn’t even want to come out to introduce the home team. I swear I heard him mouth the words, “Man David Stern really bleeped me this time. Why couldn’t I do this for an actual NBA team? Good thing none of these jokes are funny.”

Personally I thought it was okay. However, I think I have to agree with Will and say the jokes weren’t funny. I will admit that part of my opinion is drenched in envy, because I wanted David Stern to ask me to do it. The other part of my opinion is clouded by the fact that it wasn’t funny. You may argue that I’m wrong, but watch that tape again. And if you think it’s still funny you’re probably a member of Mike and Mike’s staff (shots fired). Now I don’t hold Ferrell accountable for that. It was probably a last minute thing (you could tell by his Fidel Castro like track suit,). I just hope this doesn’t become a trend, because sooner or later Jeff Ross will find out. And that’s the last person I want to see with a microphone (He’s actually 3rd 1st is Lady Gaga, 2nd LeBron James and 3rd The Douche Master Himself). However if he does get a chance, let me grace the mic first.


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