The Cleveland Browns get rid of their Big Tuna, Mike Holmgren

The Cleveland Browns get rid of their Big Tuna, Mike Holmgren

Mike Holmgren has been fired from the Cleveland Browns. Now I know there was some press release where they said he stepped down, and planned on retiring at the end of the season. However we know that’s not true. Who believes that a guy woke up 6 games into the football season and decided to quit a front office job? A job – I might add – that he hasn’t been good at since the day he walked through the door, yet he continued to cash the checks? Dude got fired, because a new owner came in, and saw that he wasn’t getting it done. This situation reminds me of the one the Miami Dolphins were in with the Big Tuna.

Bill Parcells stole money from the Miami Dolphins (Mike Holmgren style). He got a front office job based on his reputation and a Super Bowl championship. Yet he never produced any substantive results, and once there was an ownership change he went deuces. Likewise Mike Holmgren has followed suit. This move is a no lose situation. Sure you’re losing someone that was said to be a great football mind, but what did he do? After his tenure, what do the Browns have to show in the name of progress? They have the best offensive tackle in the game (Joe Thomas), and nothing else. Perhaps he’s a false profit, and just another Big Tuna.

So I think for every rational Browns’ fan when I say, “Good riddance! Deuces! Holla, don’t let the door hit you on the way out, and make sure you take your ski mask out of the top drawer.


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