Go ahead and yell, “Notre Dame Sucks”

Go ahead and yell, “Notre Dame Sucks”

Notre Dame Football, improved to 7 – 0 on the season with a weekend. That’s right, Notre Dame’s athletic director found seven tomato cans, and the football team was able to beat them. Personally I think it calls for a nationwide celebration. I suggest we nominate Touchdown Jesus , as the next president of the United States. Usually a 7 – 0 start wouldn’t call for such a celebration, but in the name of Notre Dame, I think it’s due.

It’s easy to slam Notre Dame as being a backwards thinking organization, that has loss their sense reality. To think that they can avoid scandal, yet still be nationally relevant is preposterous. Prior to the season people said their team needed more criminals, and they had to loosen their academic restrictions. However, they did none of that, and seven games into a tough schedule (the schedule hasn’t gotten tough yet, but it will) they’re undefeated. So where are all the critics that were yelling, “Notre Dame Sucks!”

It’s very easy to kick a team when they’re down. You can come out with columns, write blog post, and even throw random hate on a message board. But when you’re wrong you should step up and say I was wrong.

So allow me to step up and say, “Notre Dame still stinks, but I was wrong about the first half of this season. However, hit me up after they play Oklahoma and USC.”


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