Cleveland Indians 1st in the AL Central and they have a young star in Jason Kipnis

Cleveland Indians 1st in the AL Central and they have a young star in Jason Kipnis


The Ubaldo Jimenez got a win for the Cleveland Indians this weekend against Yu Darvish and the Texas Rangers. That’s right Ubaldo finally won something, and he looked good doing it. He only gave up two hits, and no earned runs. Also don’t look now but the Indians are in first place. First place! It’s time to start buying postseason tickets.

If you’re a fan of the Cleveland Indians this is the time when you have to start asking yourself, “Are the Indians really good, or is this a mirage? Perhaps this will end the same way last year did. With me trying to get rid of my tickets on StubHub while I wonder why Grady Sizemore is still on the team.”

The Cleveland Indians were ahead of schedule last year. It was Carlos Santana’s (I love that name. I pronounce it like Future pronounces, Tony Montana) first full season, Jimenez came in during the middle of the season, and for some reason we were still treating Grady Sizemore like he was good. Now Santana is more comfortable, Asdrubal Cabrera looks even better, and those young players are benefiting from last years’ experience. The Cleveland Indians have the best young team in the league1. That brings me to my new Indians’ crush Jason Kipnis. I apologize if I hurt Cabrera or Santana for breaking the news publically, but I had to do it.

Kipnis can be the piece the Indians need in the playoff. First of all he’s a great fielder and has respectable speed. However his bat is what Cleveland will need most in the playoffs. With him in the lineup you can’t pitch around the Indians’ power (limited as it is). The success of the offensive will come down to how consistent he is. Now will that be enough to get the Indians to the playoffs? I think the pitching has more to do with that.

It was encouraging to see Ubaldo have a good outing yesterday. However he has had an underwhelming start to the season, and the pitching staff as a whole is terrible. I am personally trying to demote Justin Masterson and Josh Tomlin to a minor league intramural team in Toledo. They have been flat out pathetic. It’s like they’re having a contest to see who can give up the most hits, yet still manage a win. They are stanking up the joint. All I have to say is, you know you’re pitching is bad when a hungover Derek Lowe is leading your staff.

The success of the 2012 Cleveland Indians will come down to their pitching. With the way their staff is performing it doesn’t look like the team will keep up their early success. However this is a time to celebrate. It’s May and the Cleveland Indians are in first place. The only question is, if it’s too early to call them the team to beat in the American League Central?


1. The Tampa Bay Rays are by far the best young team in the league, but I was getting my homer on and I wasn’t going to compromise that with facts.


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