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Cleveland Indians’ lack of pitching is an insult to “Pedestrian”*

  The other day I heard someone say, that the Cleveland Indians’ pitching was, “Pedestrian.” To say Cleveland’s pitching is pedestrian, is an insult to pedestrians, and anyone that has ever brought a pair of walking shoes (Mr. Rogers style). This pitching staff is competitively repulsive. Only they could give up 23 runs to a…
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Cleveland Indians 1st in the AL Central and they have a young star in Jason Kipnis

  The Ubaldo Jimenez got a win for the Cleveland Indians this weekend against Yu Darvish and the Texas Rangers. That’s right Ubaldo finally won something, and he looked good doing it. He only gave up two hits, and no earned runs. Also don’t look now but the Indians are in first place. First place!…
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