Cleveland Indians’ lack of pitching is an insult to “Pedestrian”*

Cleveland Indians’ lack of pitching is an insult to “Pedestrian”*


The other day I heard someone say, that the Cleveland Indians’ pitching was, “Pedestrian.”

To say Cleveland’s pitching is pedestrian, is an insult to pedestrians, and anyone that has ever brought a pair of walking shoes (Mr. Rogers style). This pitching staff is competitively repulsive. Only they could give up 23 runs to a Boston Red Sox team that was struggling. I thought that Ubaldo Jiménez was going to be able to give them more, but I’m questioning that. I love his funky motion, with the double clutch action. However if the other team is cranky balls over the wall (José Canseco style) it doesn’t matter. His fall to earth makes me believe the gig is up. Perhaps this is a Dontrelle Willis situation, and he’ll be all but forgotten in 2 seasons. The only thing that could give Cleveland fans some reservation and hope. Is that Jiménez has great stuff. I think he can still be an anchor for the Cleveland pitching staff, but dude has to get right.

The biggest problem in Cleveland’s pitching staff is Justin Masterson. What happened to him? He was decent last year, and seemed positioned to have a breakout season. But dude is stinking up the joint. His head minus well be on a permanent swivel. That way he doesn’t have to turn around to watch the ball go over the wall. I have said before that I want him to be sent to a minor league intramural team in Toledo. Now I want to change my position, and send him Uzbekistan. He is terrible, and with the number of runs he’s giving up. I don’t think he’s coming back anytime soon. He needs to go to the minor leagues, so he can get right. Maybe it will end up being a Cliff Lee situation all over again.

At the end of the day the Indians have to make some decisions. The offense will not be able to hide their lack of pitching all season. Eventually they will be exposed. I just hope it happens before they’re out of playoff contention.


*Full of Unapologetic Cleveland Bias


Kortney Shane Williams

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  1. rich tardif says:

    You guys don’t know squat.Your opinions sound like they’re coming from a 10 year old.Send Masterson down??? It’s a LONG season,but you don’t have the experience to realize the ups and downs of one.Masterson will right himself if and when he finds his command.Barring injury he WILL NOT be sent down.You sound very immature,so watch and LEARN.

    • Kortney Williams says:

      Thanks for the comment.
      It’s not a crime to be sent down. It has happened to many good pitchers. Cliff Lee was sent down for goodness sake.
      Just promise me we will debate this again in a month. As a fan I hope your right, but dude just doesn’t look good.

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