There is no way…or is there a way Robinson Cano signs with the Seattle Mariners?

There is no way…or is there a way Robinson Cano signs with the Seattle Mariners?


The idea that Robinson Cano would play for the Seattle Mariners is preposterous. He is using the Mariners to get a contract from a team that he really wants to play for.

Now I applaud Seattle for their inconsequential effort. It’s nice for them to try to land a good player. I’m use to them investing in slap single hitters, with the goal of making more money. However, I am starting to concede that they may be changing their stripes. Over the last 3 seasons they took a run at Prince Fielder, Josh Hamilton, and they got rid of Ichiro. When you couple that with their push to sign Cano, you have to take notice. Perhaps the Mariners are trying to be relevant? Maybe they have finally figure out that Safeco Field wasn’t built for them to profit off of ticket holders. While fielding a Triple-A baseball team.

For a minute, let’s say Cano goes to Seattle. Why would he be doing that? Does he not want the pressure? Or does he know the Yankees aren’t going to pay the money, and he is actually using New York to get the money from the Mariners? Maybe Jay-Z is hustling backwards, with the goal being to get paid (Do the Right Thing, Mookie style).

If that is the case? The Seattle Mariners will end up paying Robinson Cano around $270 million. At that point I will stand up and say I was wrong. Let’s see if that happens.


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