Kortney’s Last Show, EP 214: I Have A Stomach Ache and Jeter is Awful

KLS EP 214: 12.11.17

On this episode of Kortney’s Last Show Podcast, Kortney is sick, and it’s evident by the length of the show. He talks about Derek Jeter trading Stanton to … Read the Rest

Kortney’s Last Show, EP 202: Don’t Fall In Love With Dem Strippers & Jemele Hill

KLS EP 189: 8.29.17

On this episode of Kortney’s Last Show Podcast, Kortney is joined by his brother Kyle and they talk all about Jerry Jones demanding players stand. They also talk about … Read the Rest

Kortney’s Last Show, EP 123: Ryan Lochte gets robbed & NFL vs. Adele

On this episode of the last show podcast, I try my best. And by my best I mean it was a slow week, yet I still dominated. Make sure you listen to the … Read the Rest

Kortney’s Last Show Podcast, EP 54: #MayPac Fight, “You Mad Bro?” and the Yankees need to pay A-Rod

PodcastLogo1400x1400 On this episode of The Last Show Podcast I talk about the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight. If you want to be upset at someone, you should be upset at Manny. He fought with a torn rotator cuff, which he probably tore during the fight. All those swing and misses add up. I also talk about why the Yankees should pay… Read the Rest

The Last Show Podcast, EP 10: Michael Pineda is using that Boozer Hair Butter

Boozer-HairButterPinedaNeck So by now you know that Michael Pineda of the New York Yankees got tossed from a game for using pine tar. At least people think its pine tar. However if you remember … Read the Rest

There is no way…or is there a way Robinson Cano signs with the Seattle Mariners?

robinson-cano-e1386106347646. The idea that Robinson Cano would play for the Seattle Mariners is preposterous. He is using the Mariners to get a contract from a team that he really wants to play for. Now I applaud Seattle for their inconsequential effort. It's nice for them to try to land a good player. I'm use to them investing in slap single… Read the Rest

Ichiro Suzuki, the broken crutch of terrible Seattle Mariners’ ownership

Seattle Mariners fans should feel what, about Ichiro Suzuki being traded? Now I know that he asked to be traded, but this dude was still the adopted hometown hero. You would think there would be some type of outrage toward the Mariners front office, especially since he was traded to a team who they were playing that night at home.… Read the Rest

“Seattle Mariners, Thanks For Trading Michael Pineda to the New York Yankees!”

The Seattle Mariners recently traded their young, healthy, all-star starting pitcher Michael Pineda to the New York Yankees.  I heard general manager Jack Zduriencik wanted to trade for a player named “Tebow”, but after realizing no major league baseball player has that name, he had to settle for a guy named Jesus.

Jesus Montero, a filled-with-potential yet unproven hitter, is … Read the Rest