Kanye West, a Bound 2 disaster…“That was Kim Kardashian?”

Kanye West, a Bound 2 disaster…“That was Kim Kardashian?”


If you haven’t seen Kanye West’s new video Bound 2, you haven’t missed anything. You can easily find the video on the internet. But you can also keep downloading music through Limewire (the latter is more likely to lead to less viruses).

Or if you’re so inclined, you can click on the embedded video below.


I would like to say the Kanye West Bound 2 video was awful, but I can’t build up that kind of passion. I just don’t care. It was a lame video, that I watched one time, and never plan on seeing again. After the video was over I had the same feeling I had after watching This is 40, “Oh yeah…that was whatever, now delete that off my hard drive.”

I guess Kim Kardashian was the woman in the video. Who knew? Apparently the answer to that question is everyone but me. I didn’t know it was her until my wife said, “Kimye was in that video.” Of course I followed up confusingly ask, “What the hell is Kimye.” And then she proceeded to remind me why I don’t pay attention to celebrity’s personal lives.

I’m a big fan of Kanye West musically. I think the guy is a genius. Bound 2 is a good/great song, and it didn’t need a video. So the fact that he released a subpar video doesn’t bother me. I just like the fact that, “Jerome’s in the house. Watch ya mouth” is back in my lexicon of pop-culture terms.


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