The Sacramento Kings move to Seattle hits roadblock

The Sacramento Kings move to Seattle hits roadblock


Yeah…so about the Sacramento Kings moving to Seattle. Perhaps the fans in Seattle jumped the gun.

For the last 2 months all I’ve heard is,


Seattle sports fans – “The Sonics are coming back.”

Me – “Really…what makes you say that?”

People that think reporters matter – “I read a story about it in the newspaper. As a matter of fact we’re getting a hockey team too!”

Me – “Really…what makes you say that?”

People that think the city of Seattle is going to build another stadium for a team that stinks – “Well their building a stadium downtown”

Me – “Really…we will see.”

*please note that the Seattle Supersonics are never coming back. They can’t come back because they no longer exist. If somehow in the – hell no it will never happen – chance that the Oklahoma City Thunder moved back to Seattle you could argue that the Sonics were back. However even then it wouldn’t be the Sonics, because history is lost, and the original relationship is tainted. So you’re forced to build new memories. The same way you would if you got a new team. So you would be better of letting the Supersonics name lie, and start new memories.


I was almost convinced that Seattle was going to get the Sacramento Kings. The reports were so persuasive. I remember reading a rumor that Phi Jackson was going to come out of retirement, and become a player-coach for the Sonics. Also David Stern came out and backed those reports (he didn’t back Phil Jackson, but he did say Dana White would be involved). And it seemed like it was just a matter of time, until…

As soon as I realized that Kevin Johnson (a former star in the NBA) was the mayor of Sacramento, and he wanted to keep the team. I knew that Seattle had no chance of ripping this team from the city of Sacramento (David Stern style).

A sports fan in Seattle would think that moving a team is an easy process. Hell, there team was taken from them in like 2 days. However there are huge differences between the Seattle Sonics leaving and the idea of the Sacramento Kings leaving. The main difference is that, when the Seattle owner sold the team away, and the city tried to step in. They had no plan. Now juxtapose that to situation with the Sacramento Kings situation.

As soon as it was rumored that the Maloofs (Kings owners) wanted to sell the team. Kevin Johnson stated that he was going to find a ownership group in Sacramento. Since then two different ownership groups in Sacramento have stepped up to buy the team. So the idea that Seattle would get this team is a long shot. Basically when Kevin Johnson proposes the deal like, Tessio in The Godfather by saying, “David, can you get me off the hook? For old times sake?” David Stern would have to shake his head no and say, “Can’t do it.”

With that being said there is still hop for Seattle sports fans. Let me introduce to you the Charlotte Bobcats.

That will be the next team to be moved. They have the perfect combination of no fans, and an owner who doesn’t want them. In addition, Charlotte has doesn’t care about professional basketball and has lost a team before. So that’s the team Seattle should go after. Perhaps Michael Jordan will come with the team and hire Phil Jackson as a player coach.


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