Will Seattle fans love these Seattle Seahawks…Harvin, Sherman, and all?

Will Seattle fans love these Seattle Seahawks…Harvin, Sherman, and all?


The Seattle Seahawks have undergone a transformation.

They have distanced themselves from the passive aggressive organization; that was happy to have a serviceable quarterback, a running back that accumulated empty stats, and a false profit1 (Mike Holmgren) making all the decisions. Now there a team straight of the Pete Carroll handbook, which states in section 1-13 do whatever you want, just win.

That’s the motto of these Seattle Seahawks. They have a bunch of talented players that pop pill, steal donuts, and grow dreadlocks. And oh! There are so many dreadlocks on this team. (The dreadlock to regular hair ratio can be an indicator of how much MEAT your team has. If you don’t believe me, watch college football team in the SEC). Basically Pete Carroll has assembled the team that the NCAA wouldn’t allow him to. This attitude will only get stronger with the addition of Percy Harvin.

Harvin was a malcontent in Minnesota and at the University of Florida. However, he was the best player on a National Championship team, and has been an all-purpose yard monster in the NFL. He can be both your kick returner and number one wide receiver. Instantly he makes a team that struggled to score at times last year, one of the most dynamic offenses in the NFL. If the Seahawks can find a way to manage his mood swings, this additon can propel them to the super bowl.

The question is, what are the fans thinking?

These Seahawks are challenging the way Seattle fans like to enjoy their sports. From the time Pete Carroll started making high risk front office moves, to the day Richard Sherman mouth showed up in the playoffs. The casual Seattle fan has been rooting cautiously…because they’re winning. Seattle would prefer that you played your game, without being boisterous. If you can do that, marginal success will not only be accepted, but it will be idolized. Please see Jake Locker, Ichiro Suzuki, Felix Hernandez, and Shawn Alexander.

As soon as this team starts losing, character criticism will come.

If the Seahawks go 4 and 12, the casual Seattle Seahawk fan will admonish the behavior that they find disturbingly endearing now. The first person to be ridiculed will be Richard Sherman, who has the biggest mouth in the NFL (he should probably be admonished now, but dude is funny). Eventually he will be ran out of town, and followed by Percy Harvin, Sidney Rice, Marshawn Lynch, and all the other dreadlocks on the team. But now is not the time to think of the demise of a team that Seattle doesn’t really like. Now is the time to enjoy crazy Carroll and all his wheeling and dealing. I challenge you to immerse yourself into this team full of crazy talent. And maybe, just maybe, you can get a super bowl out of this thing…or maybe they will just piss you off.


  1. A false profit in sports terms is someone that goes to a team (usually for a money grab) with championship success and a sterling reputation. However when you look at their resume, they have a lot of more failure than success. But despite the flagrant holes in their resume, the franchise is immediately turned over to them. And they promptly run that team into the ground. Ex. Bill Parcells, Mike Holmgren, John Gruden (if he ever takes another job)


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