Will Cleveland Cavalier fans fall for the LeBron James okey-doke?

Will Cleveland Cavalier fans fall for the LeBron James okey-doke?


Tonight the Cleveland Cavaliers will be celebrating Zydrunas Ilgauskas. It’s been called “Big Z Night” which has no creativity. That title is lazily playing on the fact that he’s tall. Why not come up with something more creative like, “The Long Lithuanian” or “The guy whose name is hard to spell.” Actually those are horrible titles too. So let’s not name it anything. Just say it’s a day for Zydrunas and we’re retiring his jersey. However I digress, the stage is set for “Big Z Night.” They have the big jersey ready to be raised to the rafters, a winnable game scheduled against the pitiful New York Knicks, and a hyped up halftime ceremony….oh and LeBron James….what?

Why is it so important that LeBron James be in attendance for this ceremony? I could understand if it just so happened to work out with his schedule, but the Cavaliers have went out of their way to accommodate LeBron. The actually had it scheduled for last year, but rescheduled it so James could attend. Do the Cavs really have anything to gain from LeBron being in Cleveland?

The answer to that question is maybe/kind of sort of/perhaps.

LeBron is not going to opt out of his contract and return to Cleveland because of “Big Z Night.” However Dan Gilbert does gain a bit of public support, which some people still feel he needs after dropping that letter bomb a few summers ago when LeBron went to Miami (by the way I’m not one of these people. I loved the letter and here’s a link. Better yet here it is. Spread it around. Don’t ever let this leave the internet).

Dan Gilbert can also show LeBron that they have a family atmosphere like the Miami Heat. An atmosphere in which we will still accept you. Even if we fill we were done wrong. However dude is way too smart to fall for that. He knows
this family’s atmosphere, and a Zydrunas Ilgauskas ceremony won’t change that.

On the flip side LeBron James has everything to gain. This is the prodigal son coming back home. Except this prodigal son made a better life when he left the house and he just stopping by to show off his rings.

Tonight LeBron James will be in the city that was at the head of the, “We can’t stand LeBron James” fan club. It’s probably the only city left that still can’t stand him. So if he is applauded when he is announced. Then Cleveland would have fallen for the LeBron James Okey-Doke. It may sound like a cool thing to do, and maybe just maybe it will make him want to come back. However you can’t forget that this is still the guy that thought so much of Cavalier fans that he played you on national TV. Then when he came back to Cleveland for his first game, he clowned you, and laughed in your face. I’m sure he likes Zydrunas, and wants to be there to support him. But don’t think that the idea that he could get cheered by a city that so loudly proclaimed their dissatisfaction with him, hasn’t crossed his mine. LeBron James is a business man. He understands that he makes more money when fans love him. Probably the last city on earth to love him is Cleveland. So if Cleveland cheers him tonight, they would be essentially signing off on LeBron James being that lovable kid from Akron again, which would put more money in LeBron’s pocket.

So will the Cleveland Cavaliers’ fans fall for the okey-doke? We will see.


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