A good Kanye West appearance on Late Night with Seth Myers

A good Kanye West appearance on Late Night with Seth Myers


So Kanye West has been in the news lately, for being Kanye West. As far as I can tell that has always been his only crime. It’s not the type of crime that gets you put in jail, because it’s not actually a crime. He’s just an out spoken, arrogant guy. That makes Twitter tough guys made enough to send out an angry status update.

Lately his comments have been hard to decipher, because no one has any clue what he’s talking about. In his interviews, he sound like a guy from Nebraska, that swears he sees UFOs and thinks the government is watching him. One minute Kanye is talking about why he can’t get his fashion line off the ground and in the next sentence he’s yelling, “You aint got the answers Sway!”

His latest interview on the Late Show with Seth Myers was actually pretty good. He sounded clear and concise. He expressed his ideas about fashion, and it made sense. I think Myers did a great job conducting the interview, and should be complemented for not allowing it to go off the rails.


He also performed at the end of the show and I love a Kanye West performance



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