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Will Cleveland Cavalier fans fall for the LeBron James okey-doke?

  Tonight the Cleveland Cavaliers will be celebrating Zydrunas Ilgauskas. It’s been called “Big Z Night” which has no creativity. That title is lazily playing on the fact that he’s tall. Why not come up with something more creative like, “The Long Lithuanian” or “The guy whose name is hard to spell.” Actually those are…
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LeBron James: Cleveland’s Prodigal Son

LeBron James: The Prodigal Son As a native of Cleveland, Ohio, my first thought when LeBron James left Cleveland, OH was denial.  My second emotion was anger.  But my third emotion, like many other Cleveland Cavaliers fans, was hope.  Today, after seeing Lebron’s interview in Cleveland from yesterday, that hope is growing. LeBron James left…
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