Time to question Derrick Rose’s mental toughness

Time to question Derrick Rose’s mental toughness


At the risk of being struck down I’m going to question the mental toughness of Chicago Bulls’ star Derrick Rose.
There are unwritten rules in sports: You don’t talk about a perfect while one is being pitched, you don’t hit a man below the belt without apologizing vehemently, never bet on a team from the Northwest in a big game, and don’t question a player that says they are injured. The last rule has been the crutch Derrick Rose has leaned on throughout this season. However when he was cleared to return to action that crutch was removed. So it’s only right that we question why the hell he’s not playing.
Since Derrick Rose has been cleared to play, many people have been making excuses for why he hasn’t returned to game action. The main excuse is that mentaly he’s not ready. Which is a valid excuse, especially when you consider Rose’s game. In order to play with the type of reckless abandon that he plays with, you have to be confident in your body.  At the same time, if he’s been cleared for 2 months, and he’s still not confident enough to play. You have to ask the question, “Will he ever be confident?”
The mythology that surrounds Derrick Rose is interesting. He’s always held up as, “The humble MVP. “The superstar that everyone wants on their team.” “The guy that will do things the right way, and give everything to win.” These sentiments now sound funny, given the current situation. Personally it makes me question the validity of the statements, and his mental toughness. Perhaps he’s not this unflappable player. Instead maybe he’s an elite NBA player who’s confidence has been shaken.

IFF (IFF means, if and only if. It’s probably the only thing I learned after 3 years of Calculus) Derrick Rose is healthy, there is no reason why he shouldn’t be on the court. He has had over a year to rehab both his knee and his head. Now it’s time to play. By sitting out he is slowly losing the good will he built up during his fradulent MVP season (I have already outlined my stance on the 2011 MVP. The voters decided to have a referendum on LeBron James, because of the way he handled his free agency. He should have won the award, but instead it was given to Rose. That decision lokks worse with every passing year, especially since it’s the only MVP James hasn’t won in the last 5 seasons). If he still can’t get over this injury mentally after a year of rehab. You have to start questioning whether he will ever get over it. Maybe this will be known as the injury that forever altered his career? Or maybe Derrick Rose will finally step up and play during the second round of the playoffs? We will just have to see if he can get his mind right.


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3 Responses

  1. Nate says:

    Many people seem to be forgetting that the people saying stuff about Derrick Rose is everyone else BUT DERRICK ROSE….. This means it is speculation. A credible source on how derrick rose is doing is the man himself. don’t believe anything teammate’s are saying…dont believe anything his brother is saying… That isn’t because they don’t say credible things, it’s because they can’t control how derrick rose’s body feels, and how his body reacts. I have been hurt, it sucks! It is the toughest thing in the world to sit out and want to play, but know you can’t because your body will react negatively. Derrick Rose has been working with his body for 24 years now…I’m sure he knows it a lot better than anyone else here, so back off. Let the guy breathe, and next year get ready for a championship.

  2. lin says:

    man up derrick we chicago needs you especialy against miami snap out of it and get on the court.

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