The San Francisco 49ers’ Alex Smith…Was Good!?

The San Francisco 49ers’ Alex Smith…Was Good!?

Tell me you weren’t shocked when Alex Smith drove the San Francisco 49ers down the field for the go ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter? Really…you weren’t shocked? Well what about when he did it the second time?

The first quarter of the New Orleans Saints vs. the San Francisco 49ers was the personification of Murphy’s Law. I had to check the calendar and make sure it wasn’t still Friday the 13th. What the hell was going on? Now I know I haven’t paid a lot of attention to San Francisco this season (and why would I, they’re San Francisco), but have they been doing this all season? They got more breaks in the first quarter than Tim Tebow got all season (save for yesterday “Beat Em Down” Bomani Jones style). However once New Orleans started rolling in the second quarter, and eventually took the lead in the fourth I thought it was over. I closed out my bar tab and put my REI hat on (there’s no coming back from the REI. that’s game over). Then Alex Smith and Jim Harbaugh gave each other a look that said, “Time to do what we worked on in the driveway.” It’s the same look coach Norman Dale gave Jimmy Chitwood in Hoosiers. Next thing you know Alex Smith ran the picket fence, while the Saints defense watched the paint dry.

At that point my REI comes off while I try to figure out if I can buy an Alex Smith jersey at the bar.

Next thing you know the Saints hit a bomb, but at that point it didn’t feel right. I knew they had scored too soon and this game was going into overtime. What I didn’t know is Alex Smith had some pie coming by the house at 9 o’ clock, and he wasn’t going to let overtime get in his way.


I didn’t think the 49ers would win this game, because I was of the belief that the moment would be too big for Alex Smith. Well Smith and the 49ers were ready to accept the challenge. So as I wipe the egg off my face. I’ll pray I didn’t get any on my new Niners jersey.


Kortney Shane Williams

Editor-in-Chief of Comedic Prose



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