Is the Miami Heat’s Biggest Problem Fatigue? Yes

Is the Miami Heat’s Biggest Problem Fatigue? Yes

What’s wrong with Miami Heat?

Well besides the fact that they only have 4 loses and it’s two weeks and its still early in the season. They’re terrible…?

Is there really something wrong with a team that’s 8 4? Sure three of those four loses came last week in a consecutive fashion, but is that a problem? I understand the Heat are expected to lose once a month but things happen. With that being there is a reason for the Miami Heats recent loses. The reason is fatigue.

Miami’s biggest strength is their biggest weakness.

When you have three of the best ten players in the league on your team, you have a great opportunity to win every game. However what happens when those three make up 70% of your scoring, and one of those three becomes fatigued or gets injured? Well…you lose four games in a row.

Last season the Miami Heat were able to hide their biggest flaw up until the NBA Finals when they finally played a team in the Dallas Mavericks who could wear them out on the defensive end of the floor and eventually expose their lack of personnel in the fourth quarter.

This season because of the condensed schedule the Heat are being exposed during the regular season. With back to back games the Heat just arent going to be competitive every night. So dont read into it the heavy flawed Heat. Once the playoffs start and they get regular days off, Miami will blow teams off the court the same way they did last year. The season will probably end with the Heat hoisting the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy, unless the run into that team again.

Kortney Shane Williams

Editor-in-Chief of Comedic Prose

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