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Kortney’s Last Show, EP 17: LeBron James free agency

The LeBron James to Cleveland movement is in full effect, and I can’t believe it. Why would LeBron want to leave Miami? Why does he love Akron so much? Is Dan Gilbert going to apologize for that letter that he wrote? What the hell is going on with LeBron James and his free agency? The…
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This is your fault Pat Riley!

  LeBron James is tired. Dwyane Wade can’t score. Chris Bosh is injured. The Big 3 are in shambles. The Miami Heat’s crisis goes much higher up than the Big 3 though. Beat the Heat, is becoming all too real for Miami fans. A game 3 shellacking led by Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert has…
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Phil Jackson would be able to fix the Miami Heat

I am saying it first!  Phil Jackson to the Miami Heat!    Wow, I have no idea why this hasn’t been brought up more, but let’s evaluate this?  The following are the top five reasons why I’d choose Phil Jackson to coach the Miami Heat if I were Pat Riley.   I. “Coach Spo’ No…
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Is the Miami Heat’s Biggest Problem Fatigue? Yes

What’s wrong with Miami Heat? Well besides the fact that they only have 4 loses and it’s two weeks and it‘s still early in the season. They’re terrible…? Is there really something wrong with a team that’s 8 – 4? Sure three of those four loses came last week in a consecutive fashion, but is…
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