Ball Night: Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat, “It’s about to go down” (Gangnam style)

Ball Night: Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat, “It’s about to go down” (Gangnam style)

It is a Ball Night, with a capital “B”

After an offseason full of transactions it’s finally time to see “Who wants what?” (Memphis Bleek style)1.

The time for speculation around the L.A. Lakers is over. We don’t have to guess how Dwight Howard will play, and how the Lakers will fit. We will now get to see it in action. We will get to see Steve Nash surprise us again by playing at the age the 662. We will get to see Kobe Bryant, and the look on his face when he finally realizes that he turned his team over to a guy that is better at smiling than post moves. And hopefully we will get to see Ron Artest forget – once again – that the idea of basketball is to actually score baskets, and instead result to his Macho Man Randy Savage like elbow drop.

After the Oklahoma City Thunder let James Harden go, many people thought they gave up on a championship run this year (me included). However, maybe the Thunder front office knows something we don’t. Perhaps Perry Jones, Kevin Martin, and Jeremy Lamb, will make up for everything Harden did for them. Maybe Russell Westbrook will rise up this year, and take his position as the best point guard in the NBA. Then again Oklahoma City does have this guy named Kevin Durant, also known as the 3 time scoring champion, also known as that dude. This could be the year Kevin Durant becomes the best player in the league.

The main event tonight is the Boston Celtics vs. the Miami Heat, and I can’t wait. I can’t wait to see Ray Allen on the bench in his Miami Heat sweats, as he watches his former team look a whole lot better without him. I can’t wait to see Kevin Garnett spit random curse at the entire city of Miami, as they celebrate their championship rings. I can’t wait for Rajon Rondo to go H.A.M. on Miami’s interior defense. I can’t wait to see if the Miami Heat treat the Celtics like champions treat teams on opening night. Maybe they’ll blow the doors off Boston, and have them scrambling for answers. Maybe LeBron James and Dwyane Wade will go Gangnam style on the Boston Celtics.

Who knows what will happen, but one thing is for sure. Tonight is a…BALL NIGHT!


  1. I’m so happy I just quoted the often disappointing Memphis Bleek.
  2. He’s actually 38, but he age but you have to age 28 years for carrying the Phoenix Suns.

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