Kortney’s Last Show, EP 154: Everybody’s Breast Were Out “It Was the Grammys”

On this episode of Kortney’s Last Show Podcast, Kortney talks about the Grammys and marvels at everyone discovering Charles Oakley

Kortney opens the show talking about Charles Oakley, James Dolan, Latrell Sprewell, and … Read the Rest

Kortney’s Last Show, EP 146: Cavs v. Warriors #NBAChristmas & Giraffe Poaching

On this episode of Kortney’s Last Show Podcast, Kortney talks about NBA Christmas day, and two Diabolical Haters.

He opens the show talking about his gym pet peeve and giraffe poaching (6:15).

Kortney talks … Read the Rest

Kortney’s Last Show, EP 122: My Official Comedy Album Announcement; Westbrook Re-Signs

On this episode of the podcast I talk about my upcoming comedy recording.

I will be recording October 21st & 22nd at the Comedy Underground in Seattle. I tell you how you … Read the Rest

Sunday, The Return of Dion Waiters to Cleveland #CAVSvsOKC



I  knew the Cleveland Cavaliers played the Oklahoma City Thunder tomorrow. Which means I was looking forward to the match ups of Durant vs. LeBron in the who is the best player in the NBA, Kyrie vs. Westbrook in who can put up the most shots while being the second best player on the team, and Love vs. Ibaka in “If … Read the Rest

Top 10 NBA Players, going into All-Star Weekend 2014

LeBronKDAntonyDavis So far the NBA season has been uneven. And by uneven I mean the Eastern Conference stinks, and the Western Conference is great. You can actually make an argument that, every team in the East, except for the Milwaukee Bucks and Philadelphia 76ers, could make the playoffs. On the other hand, the Western Conference only has 9 teams that have a chance to make… Read the Rest

Rooting for The Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA Finals, the lesser of two evils

The Oklahoma City Thunder and The Miami Heat, will play Game 1 of the NBA Finals tonight. Oklahoma City is the better team, and I expect them to win the Finals in dominating fashion. I believe they could possibly sweep the Heat. However that rarely happens, so I’m picking Oklahoma City in six games. Now that I have gotten … Read the Rest

Did You Fall For the NBA Okey-Doke?; Time For the NBA Finals, The Miami Heat vs. The Dallas Mavericks

Let’s begin…


Conference Finals Runner Ups (Did you fall for the Okey-Doke)

Let’s start with the losers first (I use the word loser in the most respectful manner).

The Oklahoma City Thunder had a great year. As a matter of fact they over achieved. If at the being of the season you told OKC they were going to lose … Read the Rest