LeBron James, using that Hair Butta?

LeBron James, using that Hair Butta?


Oh no, no, no, LeBron James. Say it ain’t so (Weezer style). Are you stealing Hair Butta out of Carlos Boozer’s medicine cabinet1?

So LeBron James revealed his new shoe earlier this week. He also revealed a crisp hairline.

I guess I’m supposed to defend this behavior, because LeBron plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He did bring Kevin Love, Mike Miller, Shawn Marion, and James Jones to Cleveland (what…James Jones). So I’m indebted to James to some degree.

At the same time I can’t co-sign on any use of The Hair Butta. But I will give LeBron a tip.

“LeBron, don’t be so aggressive with the administering of Butta. Add it in gradually. Think of it like Mr. Miyagi, and wax on…then wax a little off. Then once people get use to the new look add a little more. Then a little more. Until you get it to you desired level of shine.

Maybe cut it off completely, and Butta it up as the hair grows back. Learn from Carlos Boozer.”


1. For all of you’ll that forgot. Below is the Hair Butta O.G. Carlos Boozer.







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